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Big Five Women’s health Issues
in South Africa
“to strike a women , is to strike a
 Single biggest factor ensuring change is continual
pressure of a group of determined and motivated
 the time has come for women to push for
improvements in women’s health care.
 High maternal death rates,
 abuse of women and children,
 late presentation of breast and cervical caner,
 In Europe and the USA, organizations such as EUROPA
DONNA, have lobbied for change and for women to not
accept treatment in non specialized units
I am Lion, hear me
Violence against women and children
In South Africa
25% of Women are assaulted on a weekly bases
20% of Women are abused by their partner
The average age of girls who are sexually abused was
found to be as young as 11 years old
I am leopard, know me by my spots
Cervical cancer should not be difficult to spot,
vaccinate and look close for early change
What can be done?
 HPV Vaccines and regular pap smears
 Biggest cancer killer of women in Africa in
conjunction with HIV
 Potentially preventable via the Vaccine
 Treatment is a huge burden both in a socio and
economic sense
I am Buffalo, I have a mean and
hungry look
Breast cancer should not be seen when big and ugly but spotted
from afar when hiding
 Most common cancer in women in South Africa
 Increasing in incidence
 Awareness especially in African women in rural areas
is very low
 Between 60 and 80 percent patients seen in clinics
have locally advanced disease
I am Elephant, I never forget
HIV awareness, and living for a long time with a diagnosis
…should be our goal
What’s the fuss?
I am Rhino, please save me
Maternal Health and neonatal care, lets not lose our future
Look after the Future
 Riskiest time of a women's life is during pregnancy
and post-partum.
 Hypertensive complications
 Pregnancy related Sepsis
 Non pregnancy related Sepsis (HIV or TB)
 Hemorrhaging
 Underlying medical conditions (primarily cardiac)
 There is a role for many players in women's health
however coordinated game playing and inspiring
others to join the cause is as important as managing
the problems