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George Friedrich Handel
Place of Birth : Germany
Year of Birth and Death : 1685 – 1759
Period : Baroque
Nationality : British
---He was born to a family with a father who was a wealthy barber and did not
allow his son to take up the job of musician but lawyer
---Handel’s father died at his age of twelve. Handel left the law school after attending
it one year at his age of seventeen and became the violinist of the Hamburg Opera
House. He wrote his first opera ‘Almira’ when he was nineteen. This opera made
him famous in his country.
---The journey to Italy in 1706 was a fruitful one not only because did he learn much
from various masters but also of his encounter with Duke of Hanover whom
became his boss both in Germany and England.
---Without notice, He left the Court of Hanover for England and never returned
because his operas and career was so flourished there . The Duke of Hanover
later became King George I of England. Handel wrote the famous ‘ Water
Music’ and played it one night on the river when King George I (Former Duke
of Hanover ) was having his cruise over the River Thames in order to apologize
to his former boss.
---The rise of the ‘Beggar’s Opera’ made Handel’s opera career and fame slope down.
God blessing him that his another kind of work ---Oratorio made him stand up
again. In the premier show of the ‘Messiah’ in London in 1743 , King George II
stood up at the section when the chorus ‘Hallelujah’ was sung. Since then, it has
been a tradition that all audience must stand up when they are listening to
---The ‘Royal Firework’ is another great work by Handel. Over a hundred of
musicians played joyfully at London Green Garden when the royal family was
enjoying the fantastic firework in the sky.
---Handel died in 1759 and was buried in Wsetminster Abbey where only members
from royal family and famous men were buried.
---Ludwig Von Beethoven said , ‘ Handel is the greatest composer that ever lived
I would uncover my head and kneel down at his tomb.’
Famous Works :
Messiah , Samson , Israel in Egypt
Opera :
Chamber work :
Oboe Concertos , Organ Concerto
Orchestral Work : Water Music , Royal Firework
Web Site :