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When studying Sociology it is important that you spend time understanding
the world in which we live.
Task 1- Create a fact sheet on the United Kingdom.
Include information on population, government and politics, marriage, divorce,
migration, education, religion and crime.
TASK 2: When Sociologists try and explain behaviour they focus on the importance of Socialisation,
norms and values.
Socialisation is the process of learning the culture of any society.
Values are general beliefs about what is right or wrong.
Norms are the social rules which define the correct and incorrect ways to behave in our society.
Values and norms are a major part of society, they are largely unwritten, and some are tiny and even
trivial but make up the culture of society. They differ between different societies: people in Africa have
very different norms and values to our own. Go onto youtube and use the following links, or do a search
for cultural differences or HSBC ads.
Identify 4 differences in social norms, customs and traditions between UK and other countries.
Suggest 4 social norms that you think people raised in another culture might find odd if they visited or
came to live in the UK.
Explain how the videos you have watched show the importance of socialisation in helping people to live
together in society.
All of the above must be handed in on your first Sociology lesson. We understand you will be using the
Internet as a resource. However, this can lead to copy and pasted work you do not understand. In this way
we insist on all of the above work being handwritten and presented in an individual / unique way.
Good luck and see you in September- The Sociology department