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 Ptolemy
believed that the earth was the
center of the universe, and the sun, moon,
planets, and stars circled the earth.
 “Geocentric Theory”
 Copernicus
came up with the
“heliocentric” or sun-centered theory of
the universe. He believed that the earth,
moon, stars, and other planets circled the
 Martin
Luther disagreed with many of the
practices of the Catholic Church, such as
the selling of indulgences.
 Galileo
used careful observation and
experimentation when studying
Copernicus’s theory.
 The
technique of Depth Perspective--making objects and people look 3D and
realistic---was used by Renaissance
artists and still used today.
 Microscope
 Telescope
 Barometer
 Thermometer
 It
was easier for trade and transportation.
 Michelangelo
was a painter, sculptor,
architect, and poet during the
Renaissance. He is famous for his
sculptures: The David, The Pieta. He is
also famous for painting the ceiling of the
Sistine Chapel in the Vatican in Rome,
 Humanism
 The
printing press helped to spread new
ideas and thinking across Europe.
People began to question the teachings
of the Roman Catholic Church due to new
discoveries in science. More people also
had the opportunity to learn to read and
 The
Scientific Method
 Church
officials feared that science
would lead people to doubt key elements
of their faith, thus undermining the
church’s influence and power.