Download Liebert LTS (10A/16A/32A) Power Redundancy for One-way Power Supply for Business-Critical Continuity™

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Racks & Integrated Cabinets
for Business-Critical Continuity™
Liebert LTS (10A/16A/32A)
Power Redundancy for One-way Power Supply
The LTS is a kind of single-pole automatic transfer device with the capacity of 10A/16A/32A. It performs the core functions of detection
and transfer in the dual-bus system composed of two ways of AC power, and is used in the high-end uninterruptible power supply
applications that require high power supply reliability.
„ The key component in the system, the auxiliary
power, adopts redundancy design to ensure that
the equipment can still operate normally upon
the failure of one single power.
„ Full DSP control ensures strong data processing
capacity and improves the system reliability.
„ Advanced power-off detection method enables
quick judgment of power-off failure.
„ Powerful communication function realizes
the remote management through SNMP card
The main power and the standby power can directly
connect to the LTS on the rack, and the LTS can
provide redundancy control on the power.
Once the main power fails, it will automatically
switch to the standby power.
The LTS adopts the control technology of “First
Disconnect Then Connect”
„ If one-way power fails, the LTS can ensure the
uninterruptible power supply to the equipment
through the other way of power.
„ Once short circuit occurs, the LTS can ensure that
the failure will not extend to the standby power,
and thus ensure the uninterruptible power supply
to the equipment.
The Liebert LTS Is Ideally Suited For:
Computer equipment rooms
Internet data centers
Telecom & »nancial data centers
Industrial process control centers
Liebert LTS Specifications
Model Number
Emerson Network Power Asia
C14 x 2
IEC309 x 2
IEC-C20 x 2
T: 1800-065345
F: 61-2-97810252
T: 92-42-36622526 to 28
F: 92-42-36622530
T: 62-21-2513003
F: 62-21-2510622
T: 63-2-7207400
F: 63-2-6203693
T: 81-3-54038564
F: 81-3-54032919
T: 65-64672211
F: 65-64670130
T: 82-2-34831500
F: 82-2-5927886
T: 66-2-6178260
F: 66-2-6178277 to 78
T: 603-78845000
F: 603-78845188
T: 84-4-37628908
F: 84-4-37628909
Input Connectors
220 /230VAC
Rated Voltage
Rated Frequency
50 / 60Hz
Voltage Range
150 to 300VAC
Frequency Range
50 / 60Hz ± 5Hz
Voltage Distortion
< 10%
C13 x 6
Output Connectors
C13 x 6 + C19 x 1
C13 x 4 + C19 x 4
0.8 to 1 lead or lag
Power Factor
125% for 30 minutes
Overload Capacity
2 poles
Number of Poles
< 6ms typical, < 11ms max
Automatic Transfer Interval
New Zealand
T: 64-3-3392060
F: 64-3-3392063
Environmental Parameters
0 to 40°C
Operating temperature
-40 to 70°C
Storage temperature
5 to 95%; no condensation
Relative humidity
Mechanical Parameters
Dimension H × W × D (mm)
44 × 430 × 250
84 x 430 x 340
Net weight of standard
Gross weight with options
While every precaution has been taken to ensure the
accuracy and completeness of this literature, Emerson
Network Power assumes no responsibility and
disclaims all liability for damages resulting from use of
this information or for any errors or omissions.
Emerson, Business-Critical Continuity and Emerson
Network Power are trademarks of Emerson Electric Co.
or one of its af»liated companies.
©2012 Emerson Electric Co.
All rights reserved throughout the world. Speci»cations
subject to change without notice.
Transfer Button
Failure Status
USB Port
Input Power Status
Output End Status
Silence Button
Front Panel Schematic Diagram
Source 1 Input Cable (ex-factory delivery)
Source 2 Input Cable (ex-factory delivery)
Source 1 Input Switch
SNMP Card Slot
One 16A Output Socket
Source 2 Input Switch
Six 10A Output Socket
Back Panel Schematic Diagram
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