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The Egyptian Civilization came up
along River Nile in Africa. Even
today, Egypt is known as the
Gift of the Nile.
The people
The king was called a pharaoh (say
fa-row). People believed he was god.
Khufu was a famous pharaoh.
Priests and important officers
advised the king. People worked
as farmers, fishermen, traders,
potters, carpenters and glass-makers
in Egypt.
The Egyptians worshipped many
gods and goddesses. The chief god
was the Sun God. He was called Ra.
At festivals, people sang and
danced. Children played with toys
such as wooden
soldiers, marbles
and dolls.
A wooden
cat toy
The Great Pyramid
of Giza
What they did
The Egyptians wrote on
sheets that looked like
paper. These sheets were
made from a plant called
papyrus. The word ‘paper’
comes from papyrus.
The Egyptians were great
builders. Most buildings
were built as rest places
for kings after their death.
Such buildings are called
pyramids. The Great
Pyramid of Giza is
Gold coffin of
the largest pyramid in the
a pharaoh
world. It was built
for Khufu.
The Egyptians believed that there
was life after death. They preserved
the dead bodies of their kings.
These were called mummies.
The Egyptians knew a lot about
the human body. They could set
broken bones.
Every year lakhs
of tourists visit the
Pyramids at Giza.