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This tutorial is for the development of simple Android application and running it in any Android.
Before I begin with this tutorial I will like to show you how you can set up your Android development
environment and what is that you need to develop your first application .
there are requisite that is needed before the development environment is set.
1. Java development kit (jdk)
2. Setting up the java environment
3. Standard development kit SDK
4. Android development software
5. Android emulator
Java development kit: you can download this through Sun. After download is completed run the file run
as an administrator. If the installation is complete then try to set up java environment in your computer
(show the process) now that you able to set up the java environment you can equally test it if the jdk is
in the right directory(show).
The are many Android ode software available in the market defending on the one you need or the one
you already installed in your computer. You can have eclipse ide or NetBeans and you can also get the
dedicated Android application development which is mainly for Android development.
My tutorial is going to be with Android studio 2.1. Since my Android studio is already installed and been
using for other development purposes this one have emulator already and the full SDK. Since I have that
installed let me just go ahead and start creating new file.
So from the Android studio select on the start new project, give the project a new name name it
anything as you wish