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Theater Performing Arts
授課教授: 段馨君
Ph.D. in Theater from UCLA
Associate Professor
Department of Humanities and Social
National Chiao Tung University
[email protected]
Office Hour: Fri. 3-5 p.m.
Week One
Things to do:
Introduction to Theater Performing
Explain the syllabus
Get the students’ English names
Divide small groups for oral
Select a class representative
Show the film clips
Phantom of the Opera
Part One: Foundations (Ch. 1-3)
addresses basic issues and features
related to the nature of theatre,
To the role of audiences,
To the varied criteria for judging
theatrical performances,
And to dramatic structure and style.
Part Two: Varieties of Theatrical
Looks at various theatrical experiences
from theatre’s past and present.
These experiences suggest that,
as a vital form of creative expression,
theatre changes to reflect the dynamics of
the cultures within which it exists.
Part Three: Theatrical Production (Ch.
Provides an overview of theatre
production today:
The principles,
practices, and procedures
used in the creation of theatre.
Shakespeare’s The Tempest
Discussions of theatre as a form of art
Critical approaches to theatre,
the role of an audience,
and script analysis serve as a
foundation for students
Introducing students to the craft
And encouraging students to cultivate
an appreciation for the theatre arts.
History of Theatre
From the theatre of the ancient Greeks;
To the major movements of the medieval,
And modern eras;
To today’s diversity of stage performances
is covered.
Theatre Arts
How each of the theatre arts functions as a
part of the total production is covered in
The theatrical space and production design,
Playwriting and dramaturgy,
Directing and producing,
scene design,
Costume design and makeup,
And lighting and sound design.
Text and Course
All discussions in the text and in this
course are supported by numerous
interesting and meaningful examples
of plays, players, and playwrights.
Buy the textbook at the 全民 Bookstore
The Essential Theatre. 8th Edition.
Oscar G. Brockett & Robert J. Ball.
U.S.A.: Thomson/Wadsworth, 2004.
Any question, contact the Bookman
Store (書林):
陳建賓先生 團體訂書
(02)2368-7226 ext. 111
Name: 蔡宜霖
Institution: 交大運管所
Email: [email protected]
Cell phone #: 0972-030-705
Lab. #57234