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Name _______________
Per. ______
Astronomy/Weather Review
When Earth’s shadow falls on the moon the shadow causes a
a. New moon
b. Solar eclipse
c. Full moon
d. Lunar eclipse
2. Cool, clear weather is usually brought by a
a. Warm front
b. Cold front
c. Stationary front
d. Occluded front
3. Extreme low pressure can lead to what Metrologic event?
a. Rain
b. Cold weather
c. Hurricane
d. Sun
4. A ceilometer measures
a. Temperature
b. Air pressure
c. Height of clouds
d. Condensation
5. A barometer measures
a. Temperature
b. Air pressure
c. Height of clouds
d. Condensation
6. A huge body of air that has similar temperature, pressure, and humidity is a ______________.
a. Air mass
b. Jet Stream
c. Dew point
d. Isotherm
7. The direct transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves is ________________.
a. Convection
b. Conduction
c. Radiation
d. Permafrost
Fill in the blank.
Earth spinning on its axis is called _________________.
Earth going around the moon is called ___________________.
The time it takes for the moon to rotate is ____________ to the time it takes the moon to revolve
around Earth.
The Earth revolves around the sun every 365.25 days so the we have a leap year every ________ years.
An extra day is added to the month of ____________.
The reasons for the seasons are because of Earth’s __________ and where the ______________ hits
What are 4 types of precipitation ___________, _____________, ______________, ____________
True of False
The reason for the seasons is Earth’s distance from the sun. __________
The cause of day and night is the revolution of the Earth. __________
The imaginary line that runs through the north and South Pole is called the equator. ___________
We always see the same side of the moon. _____________
Short answers: (Please pick 3 to respond to. Please write enough to support your answer. Quality =
Grade.) (Some or all of these may be on your quiz.)
Why do more people see a total lunar eclipse than a total solar eclipse?
Describe how the events formed the moon according to the collision theory.
Why does the moon go around the earth instead of the earth go around the moon?
What keeps the moon in orbit?
What cause the Phases of the moon?
What are the 2 causes of the seasons?
Define Weather.
What is the Coriolis Effect?