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Unit 1, Chapter 1 Vocabulary
Lyndon Cobb
atmosphere the air surrounding
density the amount of mass in a
crevasse [kru-VAWS] a deep
the planet (1.1)
certain volume; how tightly
packed together the material is in
a substance
(1.2; 8.1)
in a glacier (1.3)
hydrosphere all of the water on
Earth including that in the
and lithosphere (1.1)
lithosphere [LITH-oh-sfeer] the
solid rocky ground of Earth’s
water cycle the evaporation of
water into a gas in the atmosphere
and the precipitation of water in
the air as it falls back to Earth in
the form or rain or snow (1.1)
freezing point the temperature at
which a substance freezes or
(1.2; 7.1)
salinity [suh-LIN-i-tee] the
amount of salt dissolved in a
specific amount of water (1.2)
drainage basin the area of land
from which water drains into a
body of water (1.3)
glacier a large compressed mass
ice and snow that does not melt
away in the summer (1.3)
global warming the increase in the
average temperatures of Earth’s
oceans and air near Earth’s
gravity the force that pulls all
masses toward the centre of Earth
or any large mass (1.3)
ground water precipitation that
falls on land and sinks out of sight
and remains in cracks
iceberg a large chunk of ice that
has broken off a glacier and floats
in the ocean (1.3)
run-off precipitation that falls to
land and flows into creeks,
and rivers and eventually into the
ocean (1.3)
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