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Marine Sci Quiz 3 “plate tectonics” study guide
NAME ____________________________________________ DATE__________________ PER______
On what pieces of evidence did Wegener base his continental drift hypothesis?
Continental drift is just one facet of modern Plate Tectonics. Name 3 other pieces of evidence for the theory:
What features and processes are prevalent at plate boundaries?
What are the three basic types of plate boundaries (draw simple diagrams to show the motion of the plates)
What process creates new seafloor crust, and what process destroys it?
Who discovered seafloor-spreading?
Name three features/components of the supercontinent Pangaea:
What are the three types of earthquake scales, and what does each measure?
How much more energy than a magnitude 3 earthquake does a magnitude 4 quake release?
What is the difference between an earthquake’s epicenter, its focus, and its origin?
What are the two main types of earthquake waves, and how do they differ?
Lava’s magnetic “signature” isn’t locked in until it cools to ≈ _________˚C (aka the __________point)
What was Vine & Matthews’s major geological discovery?
What are the basic stages and processes of the Rock Cycle?
How does the concept of triangulation relate to seismology?
What three phenomena produce volcanoes?
How can scientists know that the earth’s outer core is precisely 2885 km below your feet, in the center of
the earth where neither humans nor their tools or probes can ever go?