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Digestive Detectives
Case File
Top Secret
Name ___________________
Period ___ Teacher_________
Directions: Research the case file to
find clues to help you answer the
questions correctly. In your answer, you
MUST include the sentence number(s)
where you found your information. This
will be your notes for your journal.
The Digestive System
1. ___ The digestive system (like all
other organ systems) has a specific
function. The digestive system has 3
major functions which include:
2. ___ There are 2 types of digestion.
List AND describe each type of
1. ___ Both mechanical and chemical digestion take place in the
mouth. Explain how mechanical digestion takes place in the
2. ___ Explain how chemical digestion takes place in the mouth.
3. ___Where does the food go when it leaves your mouth?
The Esophagus
1. ___ List 5 essential characteristics about the esophagus.
2. ___ Describe peristalsis.
3. ___ The food is delivered by the esophagus to what organ?
4. ___ Draw the esophagus based on its description including the
organ at the top of it and at the bottom of it.
The Mouth
The Stomach
1. Complete the following table explaining how each type of
digestion occurs in the stomach.
Mechanical Digestion
2. ___ List 3 things that happens to your food while it is in your
The Large Intestine
1. ___ Compare the size of the small and large intestines. How did
they get their names?
2. ___ What is the main function of the large intestines?
The Rectum and Anus
1. ___ Where is the rectum located?
3. ___ What is chime and where does it go when it leaves the
The Small Intestine
1. ___ Most of the ____________digestion occurs in the small
2. ___ Solid waste exits the body through what organ?
The Liver, Gall Bladder and Pancreas
1. ___ Explain the difference between a primary organ and a
secondary organ.
2. ___ List the 3 organs that produce chemicals that the small
intestine used to digest food.
3. ___ Explain what happens to the nutrients from food in the small
4. Where does the chime go when it leaves the small intestine?
2. ___ What is bile? (What organ produces it and the function)
3. ___ What is the gall bladder’s function?
4. ___ What is the function of the pancreas?
1. List the primary organs of the digestive system.
2. List the secondary organs of the digestive system.
3. On the next 2 pages, draw a flow map that shows the path that
food takes through the body. Instead of boxes, use the shape of
the organ.