Download A central element of Judaism is education and study. Teaching

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•Belief in one god
Monotheism= the belief in one
•Yaweh is the name of this
god, though Jews never
pronounce it
•They believe it’s too holy
•A central element of Judaism is
education and study.
•Teaching children the basics of
Judaism has always been
important in Jewish society.
•Justice= being kind and fair to
•Righteousness= doing what is
Jews believe that God gave
them laws to follow
•The 10 Commandments are
the most important
The system was given to Moses
and is called the Mosaic Law
•Laws deal with prayer,
celebration of holy days and
keeping the Sabbath
•Diet also covered (kosher)
Orthodox- Strictly follow Mosaic
Reformed- Do not follow many
of the Mosaic Laws
Conservative- Falls between
the other groups
•Torah- the first five books,
most sacred
•The Hebrew Bible- includes
Torah, prophets, and a final
part including poems, songs,
stories and lessons
•Synagogue= place of worship
•Prophets are people (like
Daniel) who receive messages
from God
•Proverbs are short expressions
of wisdom
•Commentaries- explanations
of the Law; many found in the
Talmud, written between AD
200 and 600
•Many consider them second
only to the Hebrew Bible in
their significance
•Discovered in 1947 by a
shepherd boy
•Writings by Jews over 2000
years ago
Jewish ideas have greatly
influenced other cultures
•Especially in Europe and
•Helped shape largest religion
in the west, Christianity
•Also influenced the
development of Islam
•The 10 Commandments seen
as a guide on how to live