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By: Victoria Cox &
Haley Morris
• Brazil was officially
discovered in 1500,
when a fleet
commanded by
Portuguese diplomat
Pedro Alvares Cabral,
on its way to India,
landed in porto
seguro between
Salvador and rio de
• HDI: relasonship between work
and human development
• GDP growth rate: 9.9%
• NIR: 9% (birth- death rates)
• Total population:
2015; 204,519,398
• Literacy rate:
males= 97% females= 99%
• The field of Brazilian popular music can be
traced back to the 1930s, when radio
spread songs across the country. Popular
music included instruments like cuicas,
tambourines, frying pans, flutes, guitars
and the piano. The most famous singer,
Carmen Miranda, eventually became an
internationally-renowned Hollywood film
star. Her songwriter was Ary Barroso, one
of the most successful songwriters in early
Brazil, along with Lamartine Babo and
Noel Rosa.
• Feijoada is a thick stew made from black beans, pork knuckles, beef
tripe, greens and spices. Available in every region of the country, this
hearty soup includes all of the traditional Brazilian ingredients.
*Portuguese is the official language in Brazil. Over 220 million people worldwide
speak this language. portuguesa belongs To the romance branch Of-The indo
*Portuguese evolved from the medieval language, known today by linguists as
Galician-Portuguese or Old Portuguese or Old Galician, of the northwestern
medieval Kingdom of Galicia, the first among the Christian kingdoms after the start
of the Reconquista of the Iberian Peninsula.
*eye- oloh
*nose- nariz
*mouth- mouth
*head- cabeca
Popular Tourist Attractions
• Ouro Preto
One of Brazils best preserved colonial towns. Ouro Preto means “Black Gold”, which is
what was founded at the end of the 17th century.
• Rio Carnival
These carnival celebrations are on every corner of Brazil. The best known takes place in
Recife and is hosted together with Olinda and Salvador. The biggest most famous is in Rio
de Janeiro. The carnival attracts over 2 million people each day and almost half a million
foreigners during the 4 day celebration.
• Christ the Redeemer
The most famous statue of Jesus, located in Rio de is located at the peak of the
Corcovado mountain. The statue stands 39.6meters tall including its 9.5meter pedestal.