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World History Week 2 Agenda (Week Ending 08-19-16)
Do Nows:
1. What is a phalanx?
2. Who was Salon?
1. What was the Battle of Marathon?
2. Who is charge of the Delian League?
Wednesday- 1. What were the three goals that Pericles had for Athens?
2. What is a Direct Democracy?
1. What was a trireme?
2. Who was Phidias?
All Do Nows are due.
Georgia Performance Standards
SSWH3 The student will examine the political, philosophical, and cultural interaction of
Classical Mediterranean societies from 700 BCE to 400 CE.
a. Compare the origins and structure of the Greek polis, the Roman Republic, and the
Roman Empire.
b. Identify the ideas and impact of important individuals; include Socrates, Plato, and
Aristotle and describe the diffusion of Greek culture by Aristotle’s pupil Alexander the
Great and the impact of Julius Caesar.
c. Analyze the contributions of Hellenistic and Roman culture; include law, gender, and
d. Describe polytheism in the Greek and Roman world and the origins and diffusion of
Christianity in the Roman world.
e. Analyze the factors that led to the collapse of the Western Empire.
Classwork/Learning Steps/Assessment
Monday-Complete TA5B Notes, Review homework, Review for the TA5A/B Quiz
Tuesday-Quiz TA5A/B, Begin TA5C Notes
Wednesday-Complete TA5C Notes
Thursday-Film-“The Delphic Oracle”
Friday-TA5D Notes
Monday-Study for Quiz TA5A/B