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What is the definition of learning?
Which of the following do you feel is an example of learning? Why would you say it is or isn’t an example?
1. An infant stops sucking his thumb.
2. After typing in your information using Google Chrome for weeks, the computer fills in the information for you.
3. A person diagnosed with agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) has not left the house without a panic attach for
weeks. After being prescribed an antianxiety drug, he has been able to leave the house each day without a
panic attack.
4. A chess master generates opening moves for his first 100 chess games and tabulates the outcomes of those
games. Starting with the 101st game, he uses those tabulations to influence his choice of moves.
5. After 30 years of smoking, Joe throws away his cigarettes and never smokes again.
6. The acquisition of language in children.
7. Jill has all the parts of the brain memorized.
8. A severely autistic child is shocked each time he starts to harm himself. He now is harming himself less often.
9. Kasandra is teaching AP Psychology for the second year and her students’ scores increased from an average of
3 to an average of 4.
10. After watching World Wrestling, a ten-year-old picks up his brother like his favorite wrestler, The Ultimate
Warrior, and body slams him.
Your definition of learning:
Classical Conditioning Practice
1. Jamie was talked into riding on the
roller coaster when she was 12.
The ride absolutely terrified her.
Now whenever she goes to the
amusement park, she breaks into a
cold sweat if she even looks at the
roller coaster.
2. Kim was sick all night after eating
a bad fried oyster. Now, she says,
the smell of ANYTHING frying
makes her feel nauseated.
3. Sinbad was frightened when a
barking spaniel lunged at the fence
as Sinbad walked by. The next
day, when Sindbad’s mother
started to lead him by the house
where the spaniel lives, Sinbad
began to tremble and whimper.
4. Lassie drools whenever she hears
the can opener.
5. Makoto was stung by a bee in the
garden. Now, whenever he hears a
buzzing sound, he starts tremble.
6. Romeo is completely happy with
his girlfriend, Juliet. Just smelling
his girlfriend’s perfume makes
Romeo feel happy and relaxed.
7. A dog is fed a biscuit each time he
sits up at his master’s command.
Before long the dog has learned to
sit up whenever the command is
8. Tom gives his girlfriend Mary
Beth a gift, which naturally makes
her happy. During this gift giving
occasion a song was playing. Now,
whenever she hears the song she
gets very happy.
9. Whenever a student wanted to
answer a question, the teacher told
them they were wrong. The student
felt embarrassed because they
failed. Now, when the student
thinks they have the question right
they won’t raise their hand because
they doubt themselves.
10. Jorge was a great five year old
helper. When Christmas came
around, he helped his dad put up
the outside lights. Accidentally, he
was electrocuted. Ever since, he
has been afraid of blinking lights.
11. Rastus is a border collie who loves
going for a run to the
neighborhood park. Now, every
time his owner puts on her running
shoes, Rastus wags his tail in
12. Nadine’s favorite food is pizza
with pepperoni. Now, whenever
she sees a pizza commercial on TV
she begins to salivate.
13. Every time someone flushes a
toilet in the apartment building, the
shower becomes very hot and
causes the person to jump back.
Over time, the person jumps back
automatically after hearing the
Classical Conditioning Processes
Directions: Determine whether the following scenarios are examples of generalization, discrimination, extinction, or
spontaneous recovery by placing a checkmark in the correct column.
1. Sinbad was frightened by a barking, lunging spaniel.
Now he is afraid of all other dogs.
2. Sheila was frightened by a German Shepard when she
was 5, but now is happy whenever she sees a dog.
3. Makoto hates the sight of a bee, but loves to watch
4. When Kim was small, she got sick after eating a bad
oyster. Now, she refuses to eat anything that comes
out of the sea.
5. Angie loves the smell of her grandmother’s chocolate
chip cookies, but thinks doesn’t like the smell of any
other cookies.
6. Jamie had finally recovered from her fear of roller
coasters, but one night when she was walking by the
amusement park, the sudden screeching noise of the
roller coaster made her heart jump from fear.
7. Romeo used to love the scent of his girlfriend’s
perfume, but now that they’ve broken up, it’s just
another odor to him.
8. Ken used to drool at the smell of peanut butter
cookies as they baked, and he couldn't wait to sink his
teeth into that first cookie. However, Ken's new
roommate makes terrible peanut butter cookies, and
the smell of them baking is no longer associated with
a wonderful taste experience.
9. Mariah developed a fear of the water when she fell
off a river raft last summer. This year she took
swimming lessons and thought she had finally
overcome her fear of water. She was eagerly looking
forward to an upcoming rafting trip, however, as soon
as she stepped onto the raft she was instantly terrified
Operant Conditioning Practice
1. Identify the behavior and its consequence.
2. As a consequence of the behavior, is something added or removed/avoided?
3. Does the consequence strengthen or weaken the behavior?
For each situation, fill out the chart, and then name the type of conditioning
1. The police stop drivers and give awards for safe driving. This is _________________.
Added (or)
2. The coach removes a player for the game for committing a foul. This is _______________.
Added (or)
3. Player makes an error and the teammate calls him a bad name. This is _______________.
Added (or)
4. A suspect confesses to a crime which ends the interrogation. This is _________________.
Added (or)
5. Child cleans the room and parent stops nagging. This is _________________.
Added (or)
6. Older brother sits on you until you say he's smarter, then he gets off. ___________.
Added (or)
7. After completing your homework you get your cell phone back. _______________.
Added (or)
8. When you buckle your seatbelt, the annoying beep stops in your car. ___________.
Added (or)
9. After you rake the leaves in the yard, you receive a Justin Bieber CD. You rake the leaves less often in the future. This is
Added (or)
10. Make up an example for other students to try: Write the question on the board and below, fill out the chart and give
your answer.
Your example:
This is _________________.
Added (or)
Operant Conditioning Review…Including Reinforcement Schedules:
Below are Examples or +/- Reinforcement or +/- Punishment
1. _______________ You receive a kiss for bringing your girlfriend flowers.
2. _______________ Wearing a helmet, pads, etc. to avoid a sports or recreational injury.
3. _______________ You receive a detention for being tardy to class.
4. _______________ Receiving a ticket for speeding in your car.
5. _______________ Hurting your head when you don't duck in a low doorway.
6. _______________ Jail - Being forced to live in a small smelly room.
7. _______________ Teenager loses their cellphone for talking back to mom.
8. _______________ You get your allowance only after you complete your weekly chores.
9. _______________ You receive a merit raise at work for doing your job well.
10. _______________ Being nice to your brother to avoid super-wedgies
11. _______________ Following the laws to avoid jail.
12. _______________ Jail – You lost the freedom to do as you please
13. _______________ Someone frowns when you tell a joke.
14. _______________ Someone smiles when you tell a joke.
15. _______________ Put gas in your car to avoid a break-down.
16. _______________ Feeling good after working at a soup kitchen.
17. _______________ Ducking your head to avoid hitting it on a low doorway.
18. _______________ Removing a super-wedgie to eliminate discomfort
19. _______________ Repo man takes a car for failure to make loan payments.
20. _______________ Studying for an exam reduces stress
21. _______________ Getting pleasure from a stimulating conversation with a great colleague.
22. _______________ Tasting bitter nail chemical when you try to bite your nails.
23. _______________ Give your child dessert when they eat their vegetables.
24. _______________ Taking out the garbage to quiet a nagging significant other.
25. _______________ Snapping your wrist with a rubber band when you bite your fingernails.
26. _______________ Smoking a cigarette brings a dopamine release in the brain - that good feeling
27. _______________ Removing the door from bedroom hinges after child slams it in anger, taking away your
28. _______________ Having a blue-ink pen explode in your mouth while chewing on the tip.
29. _______________ Getting the stink eye for being on your phone in class when you shouldn’t.
Below are examples of Fixed/Variable and Ratio/Interval Partial Reinforcement Schedules:
30. _______________Getting a snack after reading every 30 pages
31. _______________A hotel maid takes a 15-minute break after cleaning 10 rooms
32. _______________Scratch off lottery tickets
33. _______________Slot machines
34. _______________Clicking "Get Mail" in outlook.
35. _______________Your teacher gives pop quizzes.
36. _______________Picking up the paper in the morning after it has been delivered at the same time every
37. _______________Checking the refrigerator to see if JELL-O is ready.
38. _______________Checking the mail for a letter from a friend
39. _______________A boxer has to hit his opponent a variable number of times before a knockout.
40. _______________A charitable organization makes an average of 10 phone calls for every donation it
41. _______________A blueberry picker receives $1 after filling three pint boxes.
42. _______________A dog receives a treat after it turns around four times.
43. _______________A person plays the lottery in hopes of winning.
44. _______________A writer sells stories only occasionally.
45. _______________Metro train/bus schedule.
46. _______________Checking the clock as the end of class nears.
47. _______________A professional baseball player gets a hit approximately every third time at bat
48. _______________A woman asks men at a dance club to dance with her.
49. _______________Subway (or other frequent buyer program) rewards card: get XX stamps, get XX free
50. _______________When a student graduates (regardless of how long it takes, once they earn XX hours, they
will receive their diploma).
51. _______________A student receives grades at the end of every semester.
52. _______________Checking cell phone for text messages when phone is on silent
53. _______________Getting a gift on your birthday (what behavior is being reinforced?)
54. _______________Checking the front porch for a newspaper when the deliverer is extremely unpredictable.