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7-128 Software
Technical Data Sheet – Revised 24 May, 2010
System Requirements for all Games
All of our games work with Windows/XP, Vista, Windows 7.
The all games work on Windows computers available since 2005.
Minimum Requirements:
Windows Windows / XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Pentium 166 MHz or faster
Memory (RAM) at least 256 Mb
Hard disk storage 100 Mb for the Game Book and 10 Mb or less for each game
Screen resolution 1024 X 768 or greater.
(Works at 800 X 600 with a Screen Reader or the GameVoice)
CD ROM or DVD if installing from CD
Speakers and sound card if using the 7-128 Software GameVoice
Our games are written in the Java language. This requires a Java Runtime Environment. We
install our own Java Runtime Environment under our own directory. This has no effect on
any other Java Runtime Environment that may be installed.
Note: The JAWS screen reader does not work under 64-bit Windows 7 or Vista with any
software that is written in the Java language, including our games. However, our BL-rated
games all self-voice.
Contact: Cynthia Geller, VP Marketing [email protected] (978) 745-0160
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