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NR Electric Co., Ltd.
Static Var Compensator (SVC) Solution
Modern society has relied consistently on electrical power,
requiring higher demands of power stability and power quality.
But high-power rapid impact loads, asymmetrical impact loads,
inevitable power system faults and so on are adverse factors
which can lead to considerable reactive disturbances in power
system and affect power stability, power quality and economy of
power grid operation.
To solve this problem, it is essential to adjust reactive power in
the power grid expeditiously to achieve a reasonable power flow
NR Electric’s SVC system consists of the following devices:
• Step-down transformer
• Intermediate voltage switch cabinet
• Linear (air) reactor
• Thyristor valve group
• Filter banks
• Cooling system
• SVC control and protection system
NR Electric’s Static Var Compensator (SVC) solution can facilitate
the utility and industry to realize reliable voltage regulation,
effective active power control and load flow control, therefore to
enhance the quality of power supply.
NR Electric’s SVC solution can be widely applied to power
transmission systems, industry fields and renewable energy grid
• Voltage regulation
• Enhance PF
• Power oscillation damping
• Line loss minimization
• Stability improvement
• Energy saving
• Increasing productivity
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Static Var Compensator (SVC) Solution
Step-Down Transformer
The SVC valve is always connected to middle voltage bus in
substation, and a step-down transformer is required in case of
abnormally high voltage levels in the incoming line.
Medium Voltage Switchgear
A medium voltage switchgear can be installed indoor or outdoor.
It includes isolating switches, grounding switches and circuit
Linear (air-core) Reactor
Air-core reactors are stable and have good linear performance.
An air-core reactor can be used to absorb or adjust the reactive
power. Usually the air-core reactor is linked in series with the
thyristor valve using delta connection, and then connected to the
power grid.
Thyristor Valve
Thyristor valves are the main component of SVC system. The
valve is composed of several series/parallel connected thyristors
and the auxiliary components. Each thyristor is controlled through
optical fibers and is cooled down by the water cooling method.
Capacitor/Filtering Banks
Capacitor/filtering banks can supply sufficient capacitive reactive
power to a given power grid and filter harmful harmonics.
Banks are composed of multiple capacitors and other auxiliary
components such as a filtering reactor and filtering resistors.
Water Cooling System
A water cooling system is necessary for thyristor valves, which
have high operating voltage. The cooling system uses deionized
pure water as the internal cooling medium and air for external
Control & Protection System
SVC control system is composed of an operator workstation,
LAN and printers. It realizes SVC remote control, monitoring and
event alarm functions from the control room.
Functions and Features
Professional System Design
• Optimized filter groups can filter large amount of harmful
harmonics, providing fundamental frequency reactive power
and minimizing dynamic active power losses.
• The customized SVC system can analyze system power
quality to check injected harmonic current and filter resonance.
• The optimal regulation modes will be selected based on the
installation place to gain the most effective voltage/reactive
power regulation.
Thyristor Valve
NR Electric’s TCR valve has many advantages like compacted
structures and light weight. Therefore ,smaller footprint, and
easy to install and maintenance.
Electric-optical Triggering System
The optic triggering system uses light to trigger thyristor. It
integrates forward overvoltage protection components, and
thyristor management units are used instead of thyristor control
Thyristor breaker-over voltage protection
NR Electric invented the unique circuit integrated thyristor
protection valves. It reduces the break-over voltage deviation to
a minimum value, so that the break-over voltage can be fixed
manually in order to accomodate different types of thyristor.
Water cooling system
NR Electric’s SVC system uses the industrial-class hermetic
water cooling system with de-ionized water for heat dissipation.
This patented cooling radiator features low thermal resistance
and low water resistance.
Well-proven protection and control system
The protection and control of the Static Var Compensator system
uses graphic programming and test tools to realize diverse
control functions. The universal hardware platform is equipped
with multi-functional modular PCB to achieve data acquisition,
control and monitoring functions.
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69 Suyuan Avenue, Jiangning
Nanjing 211102, China
Email: [email protected]
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