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Analyzing Consumer Perceptions
Perceptual Mapping Techniques
Perceptual Mapping techniques derives its name from the fact that the output is map of brand depicted in attributed space
Types of Perceptual Mapping Techniques
Attribute Rating Method (Rating of items on a prespecified attributes)
Overall Similarity Method (Judgements on overall similarity on a pair of brands)
 Attribute Rating Method:
Example: Dow’s specialty chemical used this approach to assess consumer perception of Dow vs competitor on 8 attributes;
Meets scheduled delivery dates
Practices innovation and development
Has fair pricing
Has consistent products
Provides support in solving processing problems
Has custom color capability
Provides adequate technical literature
Withstands high heat distortion temperatures
The Dow situation had a small “data matrix,” consisting of 32 cell entries
Competitor 1#
Competitor 2#
Competitor 3#
Rating on attribute#
The statistical procedure underlying this type of perceptual mapping is either Factor Analysis or Discriminant Analysis
Perceptual Mapping Techniques
Since for Dow chemicals we have 8 attributes ( Eight dimensional)and for drawing perception map we need 2 dimensions thus there is a need to
cluster the attributes.
In panel 1 four vendors are rated on two attributes,
Innovation and meets scheduled delivery. Since all the
vendors are rated identically for attribute 1 thus it is
not a very interesting feature in terms of differentiating
product from one another.
In panel 2, here the attributes are highly corelated and
can be considered under the same construct
In this way perceptual map is reduced to two dimensions, it might not contain all the information from data matrix but it does its
best to provide visual impact.
Perceptual Mapping Techniques
The precise output or form of the map depends on the particular mapping software used. Generally, multiple attributes are shown in a twodimensional space by varying the angle with which the vector comes out of the origin. For example, the L'Oréal map (case Exhibit 9) is reproduced
here in Figure B.
Figure B L'Oréal Map
 Vector pointing in same direction are
 90 degree; they are unrelated
 Points in other direction means tradeoff