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After the Mayflower – Documentary film assessment
1. The “virgin soil epidemic” alien diseases left by European invaders that lead the
population to be eviscerated. Tiny microbes against which the population had no
natural defense. Nine of every ten of their people perished. If they had not been so
vulnerable to these diseases they would have had more numbers and not died off.
2. Radical religious views had made the Pilgrims unwelcome. Indians had to watch and
observe anyone, it was a part of their survival. The Pilgrims believe that they were
outnumbered. If the Indians would attack, they would be in grave danger.
3. As a result of the war, the Pequot were destroyed and their village was burned down.
Dozens of Indian tribes came to Massachusetts to form allies together due to their fear.
4. Because they invaded in large numbers at night and burned down many of England's
valuables, they were relatively successful.
5. While the English men deliberated whether to sell the boy (son of Philip) into slavery or
simply murder him, The Puritans gave thanks to their god. The final day of the war was
Thanksgiving when Philip’s head was marched into Plymouth. It was a reminder to the
Indians who was in charge.