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What will I get from the time tracking software?
- Track employee time and attendance;
- Improve employee productivity;
- Track work progress;
- Save company money;
- Save both time and energy;
- Simplify payroll process;
- Motivate employees.
Pros of Time Tracking Software:
- Easy to use
Efficient time tracking software for employees should be simple and
user-friendly. The main point of employee time tracking software is to
save time by keeping track of it, so users shouldn’t have to spend so
much time figuring it out;
- Real-time tracking
Time tracking software should automatically capture time spent on
their computer, various tasks/projects, websites, applications,
documents, software, and the time employees were active or away
from the computer in real-tim;
- Light on system resources
The employee tracking software should be as lightweight as possible.
Most time tracking solutions use a monitoring agent application to
track and record the time of computer use. This agent must be CPU
friendly (using minimum CPU space). This is critical because you
don’t want to slow your systems down with unnecessary data. Before
committing to a time tracking software, ensure that you test it to see
how it affects CPU performance;
- Technical support
Technical support from the time tracking software providers is very important. The
support team should always be responsive and effective in answering all questions
relating to the software.
- Clear licensing conditions
Licensing conditions must be clear and free of any hidden fees. When choosing an
employee time tracking system, check the cancellation policy, what fees apply, and how
often. Get this free checklist to start and maintain the time tracking process.
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