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Potot, Ellamore Mae
HOPE 12: MODULE 4 (Cariñosa)
Written Works:
Part 1
Read and analyze each question. Write your answers on the space provided before
each number.
Maria Clara Gown and Barong Tagalog 1. What are the most common costumes used in
dancing Carinosa?
Romance 2. What is the theme of the dance Carinosa?
Rondalla 3. A group of instruments used to play the music for Carinosa.
handkerchief and a fan 4. What are the props that plays major role in Carinosa?
Folk Dance 5. A type of dance that reflects a certain culture or tradition which is
practiced through the years.
Part 2
Identify the dance figure of Carinosa where the followings steps are included.
Flirting 1. Take 14 waltz steps from side to side.
Three Steps and Point 2. Right hand in reverse “T” position and left hand on skirt/waist.
Kumintang right hand when pointing left foot.
Flirting with Handkerchief 3. Girl holds handkerchief at one corner and place it over her right
and left shoulder alternately at every measure, looking back at the boy at the same
Back-to-Back 4. Turn right about to be in back-to back position, slightly to right of
Hide-and-Seek with Fan 5. Girls point right foot in front and cover face with fan.
Hide-and-Seek with Handkerchief 6. Boy takes handkerchief at corners in a perpendicular
position between their faces with boy’s hands on top at face level.
Hide-and-Seek with Fan 7. The girl holds and open fan with right hand.
Flirting with Handkerchief 8. Starting with right foot, take eight waltz steps forward, moving
around clockwise.
Kneeling and Fanning 9. Boy points right and left foot four times alternately in front, looking
girl over her right and left shoulder alternately.
Back-to-Back 10. Point right foot in front and shake the thumb at partner over right
shoulder by left shoulder; left hand on waist.