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It had lots of brat
For the blame part it blamed the start of the war entirely on Germany which isn’t even really true
It made Germany pay France and others to rebuild their city’s
It made them reduce their Calvary and army size
Ade them give land to France and other country
The Germans were mad atto the treaty because they thought it was more a demand more than a
negotiation meaning they didn’t get to choose or even fight for their side and got ridicule and
instantly got punishments that. Were at a severe level this is shown because they actually protested
of it and some said they would rather continue war instead of signing it.
This is only 1 of the reasons they were mad
A second point they were mad for is it made them give up lots of land and territory which had
recourses and most likely had a major source of their income and they couldn’t take part in the
conference to fight back and make sure they didn’t lose this land but they did lose lots of their land
and give it back to the original owners of the land. It made them do this the evidence is it says they
had to give land back to France Czech and others so they were angered they couldn’t even fight back
they were straight up demanded to just give this land to random countrys