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Shin Mochizuki
The relevant state law, Child Abuse Neglect and Reporting Act (CANRA), that governs who is a mandated
reporter of suspected child abuse in California extensively lists several professions. It includes, but is not
limited to, all school and district employees, administrators, and athletic coaches. The complete list with
detailed definitions is found in Cal. Penal Code § 11165.7. Any new hire deemed as a mandated reporter
under state law must be provided with a certification form as a means of notifying the person of the
legal reporting obligations that attach specifically to the position. This mandate only applies to the
professions published in Cal. Penal Code § 11165.7. A recent law, AB 506, expanded the list of mandated
reporters in youth service organizations to include adult “regular volunteers.” Prior to that, most
volunteers did not need to comply with the duties imposed by CANRA. Indeed, the reporting
requirements set forth by CANRA was, prior to AB 506, generally understood to be not applicable to