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Sentence Patterns.
1. 自從失去家人之後,她哭了很久。 (After…)
After loosing her family, she cried for a long time.
2. 那間有五個房間的公寓非常舊。
The apartment which has 5 rooms is very old.
3. 那個每天早晨在公園散步的女孩和狗住在公園對面。
The girl and the dog that walk in the park very morning live in front of the park.
4. 這就是我居住的小鎮。
This is the town where I live.
5. 她就是爸爸以前是銷售員的女孩。
She is the girl whose father used to be a salesperson.
6. 當我看到這隻狗的時候,牠正在咬鞋子。
When I saw this dog, it was chewing on the shoes.
7. 當他打電話給我的時候,我已經離開了。
When he called me, I had already left.
8. 當我在書房讀書的時候,我聽到一個奇怪的聲響。
When I was reading books in my study, I heard a strange voice.
3. I have a friend __whose___ father runs a very nice restaurant __selling___ the best pizza in town.
5. The house _which___ his is looking for is that one ________ many broken windows.
(A) X ; that with
(B) where ; having
(C) which ; which with
(D) which ; with
that in / who with / where at / which of
6. Those _______ pandas in China face the death penalty after _________.
(A) hunt ; caught
(C) that are hunting ; they are caught
(B) hunting ; being caught
(D) who hunt ; they had been caught
10. The exact year __which___ Angela and her family spent together in China was 2008.
11. I think __what___ interests me about his painting is the woman _who used__ to be his wife.
先行詞 -
which / where / who
I don’t like the book which you buy.
I don’t know the woman __who is called____(call) Sarah.
16. The house _which was built____ (build) 100 years ago seemed __destroyed__ (destroy) during
the attack last year.
17. At the bottom of the stairs are two doors.
Two doors
at the bottom of the stair.
18. Under a tree ___is___ a doghouse.
A doghouse is
under a tree.
19. The apartment __where___ they lived
in Japan
__had been sold_ (sell) by the time they
left for the U.S.
20. When Jeff _was playing__ (play) baseball, his leg __was hit_ (hit) by the ball.
23. Everyone was there _________ Sally. She was too busy to come to the party.
(A) , but
(B) including
(C) besides
(D) except for
except for (除外) : Except for Tom, everyone is hungry.
besides (包含在內) : Besides swimming, I also like reading and painting.
26. _The blind ____ sometimes _____ help with certain tasks.
(A) Blind ; need
(B) The blind ; need
(C) The blind ; needs
the homeless / the rich / the poor / the sick - 複數
tear it into little bits
tear – tore – torn
(D) Blind people ; needs
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