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STAT 360 – Probability and Statistics
MWF 11:10-12, Fall 2018
TODD 130
Instructor: Jillian Morrison
Office: Neill 404
Office Hours: M, T, TH 12:10-1:10 or by appointment in MLC (Cleveland 130)
Email: [email protected]
All class materials will be accessible on
TA: TBA. Any questions related to homework grading goes to TA first.
Math Learning Center: Successful students make use of available resources, so don't
struggle when help is just a few steps away! We want you to succeed, we're here for you, and we
have FREE tutoring available in the Math Learning Center (Cleveland 130) and the computing lab,
Thompson Hall (Room 1).
Prerequisites: Math 172 or Math 182.
Textbook: Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences by Jay L. Devore,
Cengage Learning, 9th Edition. Previous editions are fine.
List of topics:
Ways to fail this class
miss 6 or more in class quizzes
miss 3 or more homework assignments
miss 2 midterm exams
plagiarism on any assignment
On homework and examinations, partial credit will be given. So always show your work and be
as neat and clear as possible. Exams and homework contribute to your final grade as follows
Quiz: 10%
Homework: 30%
2 Midterm Exams (dates TBA ): 30%
Final Exam (Friday, December 14th, 3:10-5:10pm): 30%
On the exam day, arrive at least 10 minutes before the exam starts.
Final grades are based on the following point system: (no curve)
• 90 % = A range (A- = 90%~93%-, A = 93~100%)
• 80 % = B range (B- = 80%~83%-, B = 83%~87%-, B+ = 87%~90%-)
• 70 % = C range (C- = 70%~73%-, C = 73%~77%-, C+ = 77%~80%-)
• 60 % = D range (D = 60%~65%-, D+ = 65%~70%-)
• 60%- = F.
You must do each homework problem independently. If homework is found to have been
copied, all students involved will receive a 0 on the homework.
No late homework will be accepted.
Submit homework in class or to TA on assignment due date. No mailbox submission will
be accepted.
Lecture attendance is mandatory and will be checked on a regular basis. If a student will be
absent due to a University-sponsored activity a written request for absence is required from the
supervising faculty member a minimum of one week prior to the expected absence. Other
absences should be discussed with the instructor prior to their occurrence. Un-excused absences
due to illness, family emergency, etc. must be discussed with the lecturer after they have
occurred and may require written confirmation by a third party to avoid being penalized.
Course Outline and Learning Outcomes:
Academic Integrity:
Academic integrity will be strongly enforced in this course. Any student caught cheating on any
assignment will be given an F grade for the course and will be reported to the Office of Student
Standards and Accountability. Cheating is defined in the Standards for Student Conduct WAC
504-26-010 (3). It is strongly suggested that you read and understand these definitions.
WSU Safety Measures:
Washington State University is committed to enhancing the safety of the students, faculty, staff,
and visitors. It is highly recommended that you review the Campus Safety Plan
( and visit the Office of Emergency Management web site
( for a comprehensive listing of university policies, procedures, statistics,
and information related to campus safety, emergency management, and the health and welfare of
the campus community.
Students with Disabilities:
Reasonable accommodations are available for students with a documented disability. If you have
a disability and need accommodations to fully participate in this class, please either visit or call
the Access Center (Washington Building 217; 509-335-3417) to schedule an appointment with
an Access Advisor. All accommodations MUST be approved through the Access Center. For
more information contact a Disability Specialist at [email protected] or visit the webpage: