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February fourth nineteen ninety nine
February fourth nineteen ninety nine... Signified birth of our second bundle of joy
whereby linkedin chromosomes betwixt the missus and I intimately expressed
ourselves and me would alloy courtesy meiosis the miracle of human reproduction
would deploy distribution of genetic material.
Full term newborn occured Suburban Mercy Hospital birthplace (2701 Dekalb Pike,
Norristown, PA 19401) nine months after spermatozoon gave chase to ovulating ova
(cue all around the mulberry bush... pop goes the weasel), the former latter did
embrace, where sonogram revealed inchoate face
courtesy yours truly burst into singing amazing grace adoring newborn exquisite as
finely wrought lace a biological daughter frisson snap, pop, and crackling within
myspace automatically, immediately, and ultimately ingratiating special place within
mine heart of darkness.
No greater purposefulness exists than to behold thee alive bearing witness regarding
thee exiting thru birth canal ye did dip and dive. Tethered to umbilical cord analogous
to astronaut linkedin to mother ship bobbing and weaving once forced out the womb