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CP Biology
Micrograph Collage Project
Using the internet/magazines/newspapers etc… students are to print/copy/download, in color or
colored by hand if black and white, and cut out/paste 15-20 micrographs (magnified pictures) of objects.
A collage is then to be constructed from these pictures by attaching/arranging/printing them onto a
piece(s) of paper, poster board, cardboard, etc… The shape and configuration of the collage itself can
also reflect the overall theme. The micrographs will have a similar theme that is somehow referenced in
a stated title for your collage, which will also be displayed on the front of the collage. For example,
human cells, insect parts, protists, bacteria, viruses, a color, a shape, a function et al… These titles can
be creative in nature as well, such as a title of Tasty if you are displaying micrographs of mouth/taste
sensory parts. Each micrograph must be numbered, then identified and the size and/or magnification of
the object given on the back of the page. Do not label on the front other than the numbering, as we
have a secondary activity, in which we will display these collages and students will attempt to identify
the objects on display as a part of our structure and function unit. Make certain the images are clear
and large enough to see.
Scoring Checklist
15-20 micrographs
Consistent Theme
Title on Front
Specific Identity on back
Clear Images
Identity guessing x2
8 points
1 point
4 points
2 points
1 point
4 points
4 points
2 points
2 points
2 points