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Personal statement:
My name is Ahmed Salama, 32 years old. I’m a dentist,
graduated 2011. I live in Cairo which is the capital of Egypt.
Actually, I come from another city – Banha, where I lived for
13 years. I’m interested in drawing, painting and listening to
music. In addition, I’m a big fan of watching English Premier
League, especially Liverpool, where my favorite player Mo
Salah is playing.
For me, dentistry is about hard working, being able to take
charge as a leader but also work within a team, in paced
environment. The profession is very appealing to me, as it
not only combines my love of science, but you also have the
chance to make a real improvement on the quality of life of
your patients. After a total of 4 years at 3 dental practices,
both private and public work, I have learnt the importance of
communication between patient and dentist and have gained
a real appreciation for the hard work and dedication required
in such a demanding profession. I really enjoyed engaging
with a wide range of people and I believe that my self motivation and nurturing nature are a great foundation.
Ten years ago during my internship, I spent 4 days at 3
private and public practices where I met an endodontist,
prosthodontist and an orthodontist. However, I found
orthodontics is my passion, so I spent most of the time
shadowing in orthodontic clinic. I learned about types of
braces, retainers and how to diagnose and put the right
treatment plan for every patient. Whilst watching the
prosthodontist, I observed veneer applications, composite
fillings and crown preparations. I learnt about the need for
adaptability and the importance of effective teamwork
between dentist, dental nurse and dental Laboratory. I also
was very interested by how the dental prostheses were
made and arranged work experience in a dental laboratory,
spending a day learning how porcelain crowns and veneers
are made.
After I finished my internship training, I decided to start
doing my masters in Orthodontics. Actually, I didn’t find
better than British Universities. That is why, I begun the
journey with University of Dundee, which had its campus in
Cairo at that time.
I loved the way of explaining theories and how the teaching
was very different than what I used to. After finishing my
masters, I decided to continue with the British learning, so I
sit for the Membership of Royal College exams in 2020 and
was very proud of passing it and holding such a respected
Together with studying and passing exams, I was working in
my private clinic. I noticed that my clinic is considered as a
project and I’m the manger of it. So, I started searching for
masters in MBA or healthcare management. During my
search in all prestigious British universities, like Oxford and
Cambridge, I found its price quite expensive for me. Then I
found your college with a reasonable price and respected
ranking according to the Times Higher Education (THE).
My ambition is to develop my skills in management so I can
use it to grow up my private practice and deal with patients
professionally. In addition, I want to learn how to get profit
from such a project with being sensitive around nervous
patients and fully explaining any treatments, as it means
patients are more willing to be open and trusting towards me.
I am a hard-working, enthusiastic and compassionate dentist
with a huge desire to learn. I realize that a good dentist must
be responsible, dedicated, and ethical and believe that I am
capable of that. Therefore, I will be able to fit into social and
academic aspect of business school to be a good dental and
business man.