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​ ocabulary​​SCAVENGER​H
​ UNT!
Find a graph to match each description.
Assume for all graphs the scale for the x and y axis goes by 2.
You may use a graph more than once.
1. Find a graph whose domain​is the set of all real numbers greater than or equal to zero.
How do you write this as an inequality?______________________
2. Find a function that decreases​​at a decreasing rate. ________
3. Find a function whose graph is discrete​and that decreases​a
​ t​a
​ ​c​ onstant​r​ ate.
4 Find a relation​t​ hat is not a function and whose equation could be x = 2._________
5. Find a​f​ unction​whose range is all real numbers._________
6. Find a Linear​P
​ iecewise​​function​whose range​is the set of real numbers greater than or
equal to -2. ________
7. Name all of the graphs that fail the Vertical​​Line​T​ est.
8. Find ​a graph that has an absolute maximum. _______________
Name the function​​family​for this graph. __________________________
9. What is a possible equation for a constant​​function?.​_​ ___________________
10. Find a graph that is continuous​a
​ nd​​always decreasing​______________
11. Find a graph that lies only in Quadrant I and II. __________.
What function family does this graph belong to? ____________________