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Modern Psychology 101:
On the Historical Perspectives of the Origin of
the ‘Shadow Selves’ - Part II:
An Overview of what led to the DistortedReversed Gaian Matrix
Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D.
An overview of the historical accounts leading to the origination of the
Shadow Selves during the Gaian Timelines that have been operating
within the 9 lowest dimensions of the Nebadon physical universe ever
since, when our higher dimensional aspects of the planet (Hyperborea,
Polaris) were first invaded by the negative aliens via waging the
Electric-Gaian Wars against us that proceeded their earlier Lyran-Orion
warring exploits, has been presented. Accordingly, the Polarians
became extinct at the end of these wars, also putting an end to the socalled Golden Age of humanity. At this time, the fragmented pieces of
the Polarians as well as some of the Hyperboreans who fell during the
same wars were taken to the Wesa System by the Black Hole Entities in
order to be closely researched, leading to the reversal of our
consciousness that gave rise to the calamity of Metatronic
Consciousness Reversal System. And, this coincides with the timeline
that through the Metatronic Reversal employing a distorted version of
the Fibonacci Mathematical Sequencing, the Black Hole negative aliens
with the aid of their captured Metatronic Collective captives and victims
who were coerced to cooperate with them, they managed to devise a
way to distort the Sextant Matrix with reference to changing the ratio
of the quantum spin velocities of our personal as well as planetary
magnetic to electric energies, effectively damaging the scheme of the
‘Cosmic Clock’ determining the scheme of our collective consciousness
and that of our planetary logos (brain). Accordingly, they devised a
distorted and False Time Matrix and installed it in our planetary Grid (as
well as other planetary spheres subsequently collectively giving rise to
the ‘Black Magic Grids’ ) that is referred to as the Yahweh Matrix, which
is based upon a 10D False Tree of Life (such as the Sephiroth worshiped
by the Jewish faith), instead of the usual 12D Grid or Universal Tree of
Life or Time Matrix. Accordingly, the schematic of this system is based
upon Vesica Pisces, a system of two intersecting spheres passing
through the center of either other. This represents a closed circuit Biwave Energetic system, with the energies flowing from the victim to the
aggressor only that is contrary to the usual Trinity Tri-Wave structure
comprised of three spheres that exchange energies among one another
within an open loop of free energies. In this respect, the God-SOURCE’s
free energies are disseminated to all ITS solar organic sentient offspring
whose quanta of energy sequentially spin about an invisible umbilical
cord stretching between the God-SOURCE and all ITS offspring,
torsionally vibrating within two equal intervals of expansion and
contraction, with the God’s offspring sequentially expanding away
(stretch) and then contracting back (shrink) towards the God-SOURCE,
akin to a helical spring. In this respect, the offspring receives free
energies from the God-SOURCE during the interval of expansion,
followed by getting its expended energies of consciousness replenished
upon its return (contraction) to the SOURCE. This way, the offspring, no
matter where he-she has anchored its consciousness and at what point
to the Neural Network of the God-SOURCE, remains connected to the
SOURCE as well as maintains its propinquity to the God-SOURCE.
However, the Metatronic Reversal System manages to ‘steal’ magnetic
energies during the contracting phase to the SOURCE that represents its
return to the SOURCE, thus gradually making a consciousness offspring
become more distant from the SOURCE with each sequential intervals of
vibration. This is why humanity has become so disconnected from their
inner spirit and their higher dimensional aspects (HIGHERSELF) that
represents their seed of consciousness that were planted by the SOURCE
(or the its liaisons the Guardian-Founders) as ITS offspring, to spiritually
nourish via finding enlightenment to grow, leading to their
consciousness expansion, transmigration to higher dimensions of
consciousness, and procure Ascension. And, indeed, the missing two
spherical dimension represent this scheme of magnetic energy pilfering,
with the energies being constantly directed towards the Orion
Constellation and their Black Hole Storage Energy Moloch Tanks.
Accordingly, this manuscript begins by providing an introductory
narrative with respect to the first and second seedlings of humans
giving rise to the first 4 root races. Then the consequences of the
Electric-Gain Wars on the Gaian Timeline Matrix and the Fall of the
Hyperboreans is discussed. Finally, the discourse ends with an account
of a Conflict that occurred over Re-Seeding of Humanity. As for the
account of formation of the Gaian Shadow or Phantom Body, the
discussion has been carried out in a companion paper entitled “Modern
Psychology 101: On the Historical Perspectives of the Origin of the
‘Shadow Selves’ - Part III: The Hyperborean Holocaust Timelines and the
Formation of the Gaian Phantom Body.”
In a companion paper [1], the author discussed information
pertinent to the Gaian Timelines, and in particular, the Hyperboreans
who are thought to have settled in the Northern part of the planet in
Northern Scotland as well as in Scandinavia, what is reflected in the
Nordic Mythology, and in the areas in the vicinity of the Ionian Sea
between what is now Greece and Italy, with their own account of
mythology referred to as the Greek Tragedies.
This narrative is thought to pertain to the original account of
Nebadon Creation [2-4] and its inhabitants prior to its invasion by
the horde of Black Hole Entities [5-7] that are basically of the
reptilian origin.
However, due to the invasion of the Nebadon Universe [8] by the
Black Hole Entities from the Parallel-Antiparallel [9] Wesa System,
the result of reversal consciousness [10-11] put into effect by these
fallen entities [12] rippled out into the lower dimensions culminating
in the blowing of the Consciousness Core of Lyra with its
consciousness pieces befalling into the Milky Way Galaxy [13],
including all the lower dimensional realms among which a distortedreversed version of the Gaian and the Taran Timelines emerged, as
we well as, created the newly devised Earth Timelines that was not a
part of the original design of Creation for us [14].
In what follows we shall discuss the complications that we incurred
as a result of the negative aliens’ invasion and the destruction of the
Lyran Trinity Stargates and the 4th Harmonic Universe [15-16] with its
rippling effects pertaining to our Monadic bodies [17-18] relevant to
the derailed, distorted, and reversed Gaian Timelines.
But before that, we shall briefly highlight the Seeding 1-2 of humans
as a form of physically embodied consciousness and their Root Races
1-4 upon Gaia and Tara.
• In companion papers, both the case of original Creation of our Taran
bodies [19] as well as its reversed consciousness leading to our
blended phantom reality experiences [20-24] have been discussed.
Seeding One and Two and the Formation of the Root Races 1-4
In order to have a presence in the 3rd Harmonic Universe, the
Guardian Founders who had incarnated on HU4 as the Emerald
Order forming the Elohims representing the White Line Feline
Anuhazi race, stepped down their genetics to form the Azurite race,
to oversee the creation of the Hyperborean-Polarian races that
represent our Monadic-Oversoul Matrix on HU3 and the First and
Second Root Races of humanity.
Recall, that the Dualism Principle of Creation [25-26] asserts that
everything is to created as conjugate-mirrored pairs of one another.
Accordingly, the nature of physicality and embodiment formation
within the lower dimensional planes or Harmonic Universes [27-28,
15-16] necessitated breaking of the now formed individual particle
and antiparticles quanta of energies [29] apart from one another to
give rise to a set of Conjugate-Mirrored Spheres [30-32] that were
essentially Twin Aspects of one another as a Binary Star system,
which were referred to as Hyperborea and Polaris, being comprised
of a new form of human species inhabiting them that were referred
to as the Hyperboreans and the Polarians.
In this respect, essentially, the collective souls and consciousness of
the Hyperboreans or Polarians formed the planetary logos and the
matrix of their own planetary spheres.
Note that the Polarians and Hyperboreans within the Gaian Matrix
comprise our Monadic or Oversoul Aspects.
And, in order to have a presence also in HU2, the Guardian-Founders
also dispatched a group referred to as the Serian Council (comprised
of Seraphim and other forms), to step down their genetics, to
oversee the seeding of human Angelic prototype in HU2, and in
particular, the 5D Tara that epitomize our Soul Matrix.
This way, they also had formed the Turaneusiam prototype race that
is composed of genetic materials that makes up our 12D Strand
Crystalline Silicate-Based DNA structure [33-35], selected from the
genetics of 12 superior Angelic Christos-Sophia races from beyond
the Nebadon Universe, who each donated their genetic materials to
give rise to a single DNA strand for this prototype that epitomizes
our 5D ancestors on Tara.
And, there were two races upon Tara: the Alanians (later referred to
as the Atlanteans) and the Lumians (later called Lumerians) that
epitomize humanity’s Root Races 3 and 4.
Note that similar to Hyperborea-Polaris as a Twin Star, Tara also had
a female counterpart referred to as Tiamat.
Yet, later upon invasion of the HU2 by the negative aliens, Tiamat
also was blown up with its consciousness pieces being confiscated by
the negative aliens to form the basis for their Dark Mother, creatures
such as Black Lilith [36-37], etc.
Furthermore, Tara was exploded as a result of a portion of Alanians,
highly ambitious, narcissistic, with expansionist ideologies who were
duped by the negative aliens to follow them, eventually leading to
the abuse of the potent underground crystals as a source of
weaponry, with its pieces falling into HU1 through the Sun Stargate,
eventually congealing and forming the 12 planets in our Solar
Seeding One - The 7D Earth (Gaia): After Invasion
• After the destruction of the Lyran Trinity Stargates and practically
demising the 4th Harmonic Universe, as well as distorting the proper
operation of the Universal Time Matrix by the Wesa Black Hole
Entities who were of reptilian origin and also what became their
hybrid species referred to as the Fallen Angelics as their allies, the
negative aliens concentrated their attention on the lower
dimensional fields that were of more interest to them as a viable
place of domicile for them as they craved for embodiment, be it that
they had to form an attachment to others’ bodies or possessing
theirs victim hosts [38-39].
Recall that the negative aliens were fallen from the grace of God [40]
and were no longer privy of receiving the free energies ordinarily
supplied through a Trinity or Tri-wave system of open loop of
energies [41] by the God-SOURCE to ITS solar sentient offspring [4244].
Thus, the only way to be able to maintain their miserable fallen
existence was to siphon energies [45] from other solar sentient
beings through parasitic-vampiric attachment to their embodied
And, this would mean looking elsewhere in the lower dimensions,
and in particular, onto the First-Second seeded Root Races that were
created by the Guardian Founders in the 3rd Harmonic Universe,
which are referred to as the Gaian Matrix, and in particular, the
Hyperboreans and Polarians that epitomized one another’s Twin
Embodies Forms.
Thus, the negative aliens newly devised and waged wars over the
Hyperboreans and Polarians that gave rise to what is known as the
Electric Wars.
And, after the Electric Wars, the Golden Age of Humanity came to an
end by firstly annihilating the Polarian race and taking the individual
disintegrated souls of these beings to the Wesa System by the Black
Hole Entities for further research and studies as to how to reverse
human consciousness.
Furthermore, many souls of the Hyperboreans also became
fragmented and fell into the lower dimensional planes, with some of
them eventually incarnating as 3D humans upon the 3D Earth in the
Northern part of the planet that includes Northern Scotland, and at
the shores of Ionian Sea between Greece and Italy and in
Scandinavia that are collectively reflected in the Greek Tragedies and
Nordic Mythologies, which form the 7th Human Tribe that are related
to the 7D Violet Ray.
Also remember that the Avatar Angelic Humans referred to as the
Aquaferions became extinct initially during the Lyran-Orion Wars.
As a result, the Guardian Founders wanted to continue having a
presence in the lower dimensions, specifically the 3rd and the 2nd
Harmonic Universes.
Note that these wars were primarily about conflict over the human
consciousness and Human (Christos-Sophia) Kingdom, to have
control over the dominion of the Earth Realms throughout the
dimensions (Gaia, Tara, even Earth in HU1).
These wars all caused genetic mutations, damage, subsequent
evolutionary and genetic digression for the humans [46] and a host
of other solar organic beings [47-50] that were all instigated by
explosions and blowing up the Planetary Cores and their Logos
(planetary brains) and damaging their planetary grids (Horizonal and
Vertical Leylines-Axiatonal Lines) [51-52].
In order to maintain the longevity of the operation of the Nebadon
Universe, the Guardian-Founders and Elohim re-designed human
genetics to ensure that Human species evolution would continue.
Remember that human consciousness embodiment epitomizes the
failsafe mechanism for eternal existence of our Universe [53].
However, they had to make sure that genetic disturbance and
mutations would not find its way to the new and higher dimensional
So, they decided to have the higher dimensions sealed off via the
advent of imposing certain quarantines [54] to protect the higher
dimensions and entities from all of the distortions and genetic
mutations that had occurred in the Human Race.
• Accordingly, a system was devised that the bioenergetic of human
beings would entail a chakric system [55-58] with a seal to be broken
off before opening up to higher dimensions [59-63].
• This would also mean that certain DNA strands, although all
assembled, would remain inactivated until the human being is able
to acquire a certain higher level of frequency-Light quotient of
consciousness (consciousness expansion) [64-66] until reaching
certain threshold values so permanent access to the higher
dimensional planes would be granted.
• And, this is what is commonly referred to as biological evolution and
Ascension [67-69].
• Note that the chakras as sets of double inverted cones are
essentially energetic particle-antiparticle accelerators that serve the
purpose of doorways to access higher domains of matter-antimatter
• Initially human beings were designed with 12 crystalline silicatebased DNA strands that were assembled, yet only 5 strands were
activated to be commensurate with the dimensional consciousness
level of the 5D Tara.
• It was the responsibility of each human being to attain higher
dimensional frequency-Light quotient of consciousness via effective,
constructive, productive, creational endeavors to acquire spiritual
enlightenment through experimenting with the sojourns of life via
experiencing the consciousness realities holographically streamed
upon the relevant space-time dimensions [76-79], and otherwise.
• Note that there are basically three ways to learn and become
spiritually enlightened: (1) through experimentation in the physical
domains and learning by a trial-and-error procedure, (2) Also by
observing others and not repeating their ‘mistake’ that only retards
the process of one’ consciousness expansion, and (3) Through also
being ‘attuned’ with your HIGHERSELF or Monadic-Avatar Self
through properly resorting to one’s inherent intuitive intelligence
And, intuitive intelligence is facilitated by the heart and having
proper reverence for the provisions of the Law of One.
Thus, one has to always go WITHIN and maintain close connection to
one’s inner Self [81] that is a reflection of the God-SOURCE.
And, perhaps the negative aliens aggressors and controllers know
this only too well.
This is why they have always done their best to make us feel isolated
and disconnected from the our Inner Self [82] through whatever
means possible.
This is a part of their Divide and Conquer Strategy’ [83-84] that has
served their strive for our mind control programming [85-96],
procuring attachments to or possessing our souls, leading to
energetic siphoning of our low consciousness energies of loosh,
leading to their parasitic-vampiric feedings to effectively serve their
survival and longevity, and even delusionally culminate in their
Accordingly, they have taken advantage of our chakric bioenergetic
design, treating it as a ‘flaw,’ by devising such things as genetic
implants that function as frequency fences [97] giving rise to
additional imposed quarantine fields and even a death seal [98].
Thus, upon coming down to the denser and lower dimensional realm
of consciousness, we had to step down our level of consciousness
through soul fractalization to be commensurate with the
dimensional level of consciousness there.
Accordingly, we had to first split our particles and antiparticles of
energy to occupy two conjugate domains mirroring one another in
terms of the direction of progression of time being opposite to one
• This gave rise to a system of conjugate-mirrored domains that in
terms of congealed aspect of physicality [99-100] corresponds to a
Twin Spheres or a Binary Star System.
• Accordingly, we had to effectively create a ‘Twin Aspect’ of our Self
experiencing life in an anti-parallel system of antimatter to ours in
(referred to as a Polarian vs Hyperborean).
• And, when stepping down to HU2, the giant soul aspect had to
divided to 12 different ‘Soul Expressions.’
• Furthermore, upon later formation of Earth in HU1, each lost soul
that was recovered had to be divided into 12 different ‘Soul Aspects’
of itself each having a frequential consciousness level that would
commensurate with dimensional consciousness level of HU1.
• These souls are said to experience their diverse consciousness
realities within what is referred to as the Omni Earths [101].
• And, in essence, each Omni Earth represents a parallel-antiparallel
aspect of the other with one being deemed as the World of Matter
and the other the World of Antimatter.
• Thus, as of recently, each form of human consciousness embodiment
has had a Seed of Consciousness (also has been referred to as the
Permanent Seed Atom) that is divided and composed of up to 144
Soul Aspects within the Worlds of Matter-Antimatter of the 3D Omni
• And, now humans have to gather all these Soul Aspects and
reintegrate them to consciously vibrate [102-113] in a refined
manner about a single timeline (Cosmological Bi-Vector of Time)
• This way, first 12 Soul Aspects must synchronize to form a Soul
• Then 12 Soul Expressions must synchronize their vibration to form
their Monadic forms or their Oversouls.
• Then the two Twin Monadic forms synchronize their vibration as to
form a Zero-Point Field [115-117] without any Time Wall separating
them, coexisting as particles that epitomizes the World of Matter
and Antiparticles forming the World of Antimatter, with both
together forming a Neutral Field.
• This defines a Tri-union of Universes comprised of World of Matter,
World of Antimatter, and the Neutral World, altogether forming a
system of Trinity [118] for the consciousness being in a similar way
as the God-SOURCE.
• And, this represents what is commonly referred to as an Avatar
Angelic Self comprised of full crystalline consciousness without any
Wall in Time separating the particles of matter and antiparticles of
antimatter, and existing as an androgenous-neutral state comprised
of a combination of matter-antimatter.
• Then the Avatar Self is allowed access to its Cosmic Families again.
• Thus, our bodies were sealed off and we were separated from our 12
DNA consciousness.
• Accordingly, each consciousness identity had an embodiment
comprised of a chakric system with each chakra having a ‘seal’ that
needed to be broken before getting access to a particular
dimensional realm to which the chakra would function as a doorway
run by a software system that would impose a frequency fence or a
‘Time Wall’ to be ‘climbed’ via raising one’s frequency of
• And, each chakra seal would similarly correspond to a DNA seal that
would have to be ‘broken’ to activate that particular DNA strand out
of the 12 possible DNA strands.
• Of course, the negative aliens took advantage of this concept of Time
Wall or a ‘quarantine state’ to effectively imprison their conqueredcaptured victims and subject them to unconsciousness enslavement
• And, with the advent of such chakric seals, the negative aliens
controllers devised a whole new forms of genetic distortions
imposed on the human species blueprint via new sets of genetic
implants that would act as frequency fences, further quarantining
the humans, negating its consciousness expansion through
subsequent seeding (Tara and then Earth) and evolutionary rounds.
• This also meant that as human beings, we would experience
separation and lack of connection to, or awareness of, our other
aspects of itself such as the Soul, Monadic and Avatar Selves that
epitomized splitting of our Lightbody layers.
• And, in order to heal this condition, an individual with a seed of
consciousness (also referred to as “permanent seed atom”) would
have to collect all its consciousness fractilized aspects or its
fragmented pieces and unify all its stations of identity and its layers
of consciousness scattered to myriads of different Time Fields or
• This was to be achieved through repeated incarnations [120-123] to
begin the unification of one’s consciousness.
• And, the process would start by first drawing the Lemurian
Fragments (First Root Race) via the 2D or 2nd Chakra and the
Atlantian Fragments (Second Root Race) through the 3D or 3rd
Chakra of the Conscious Minds.
• The human 4D Astral body [124] would also draw in 3rd and 4th Root
race Fragments (Lemurians and Atlanteans), as a part of the
separated emotional body that was created from these distortions in
our morphogenetic field blueprint [125] from DNA damage.
• So, the task for the human race was, and still is, one’s selfresponsibility to collect the fragments of one Selves from the other
Root Race Cycles and Seedings.
The Original Fall of Hyperborea
Hyperboreans are so important to us because during this timeline a
lot of the original trauma of the "fall" was inflicted upon the human
This is when the split in time occurred (between the original
Timelines devised by the Divine Guardian-Founders and the
distorted-reversed phantom Timelines occurring as a result of
invasion of the Black Hole Entities).
This pertains to the first and second root races as a process of the
human evolution moving through the timelines of consciousness.
This was a part of the original soul that was involved in the first
seeding within congealed physicality, to help the planet to reclaim its
fragments because the higher dimensional aspects of the planet
(Aramatena and Hyperborea-Polaris) had exploded.
This is a part of the reseeding of Consciousness, helping the
consciousness to, once again, have a particular experience in
physicality and on a planetary body.
So, in this early root race cycle, there were wars that were instigated
by the negative aliens against the organic consciousness forces
overseen by the Guardian-Founders, what is referred to as the
Electric Wars.
And, this coincides with the timelines when the negative aliens
concentrated their attention on the physical planes, and accordingly,
started to deploy their war machinery on these dimensional planes,
starting with the 3rd Harmonic Universe.
When the Electric Wars happened to the Hyperboreans, they were
split apart from their Polarian counterparts, with the latter
eventually becoming extinct.
Note, again, that the Hyperborean experienced a Golden Age in the
beginning stages that subsequently ended with the calamity of the
Electric Wars.
• Again, this was related to the Orion Group Black Hole Reptilian
entities’ (and their cohorts’ collectively referred to as the negative
aliens’) conflict over the dominion of different dimensional aspects
of our planet (Gaia, Tara, Earth).
• In particular, the conflicts and wars with the negative aliens were
about the seedings and the territories to be lived in.
• Accordingly, as a result of the massive tragedy of these wars, the
Hyperboreans split and became fragmented, with their Twin Aspects
(Polarians) becoming extinct.
• However, eventually some of the Hyperboreans who survived
capture and imprisonment incarnated on our planet.
• And, these are portrayed in the Greek-Nordic mythologies and the
• For example, the Greek mythology is all about the Hyperborean,
which we know of as the “Titans and the Olympians” when we speak
of such personalities as “Perseus, Zeus,” etc. who represent the
original races that were sourced from the Hyperboreans.
• Everything about that mythology is just appalling or “tragic.”
• The landmass associated with the Hyperboreans include the
Northern part of the planets as Scotland, Scandinavia, as well as the
areas of the Ionian Sea between Greece and Italy.
• And, presently the original people who have been living in these
parts (those migrated being the exception) have a genetic
relationship to the Hyperboreans.
• When you think about the giants and how large their bodies were,
you are referring to the Monad bodies of the Hyperboreans that
were typically 16 to 20 feet high, which reflect such beings as the
Titans and Olympians.
• In fact, the Hyperboreans, at that time, were a type of pre-prototype
Monad body, and this is why their bodies were huge.
• Moreover, a lot of the Nordic mythologies came out of the same.
• The Swedish, Norwegian and Celt histories also came from
the Hyperboreans with such characters as “Thor,” etc.
• This is a part of the 7D Earth and a part of its Monad body, before
the 7D aspect of the Earth and its planetary mind (logos) was
invaded, and was taken over by the negative aliens.
• Accordingly, the Hyperboreans as a form of our consciousness
embodiment represent very much a part of that.
• And, when the planet was invaded, and consequently, the Electric
Wars created a separation, the matrix of the planet became
manipulated magnetically to what is now.
• Note that the negative aliens do not have a concept of time.
• They really do not have a consciousness [126-128] the way we have
as solar sentient organic beings vibrating in time.
• Nor can they expand such a consciousness even if they did have one
and evolve.
• So, they do not have a concept for dimensions of time or
• Accordingly, they bore holes in space-times to form wormholes and
they can as well be in any dimensions or Harmonic Universes.
• And, in concert with the phenomenon of Creation that occurs
simultaneously in NO Time or the NOW moment [129-131], the
changes they impose as a result of their invasions has no
dimensional bounds and can occur throughout all timelines.
• Thus, when the Gaian Matrix became distorted and reversed, there
were concurrently changes occurring on Tara that led to its explosion
as it did in Lyra, and subsequently form the 3D Earth and the
planetary fall into HU1.
Conflict over Re-Seeding Humanity
The first seedings of the first two Root Races of the angelic humanity
occurred on the 7D version of our planet that exists in the higher
frequency bands of future time in the Gaian Matrix.
The Gaian matrix is the higher frequency future timeline of Tara, and
seeding in the etheric layers began concurrently to help neutralize the
destructive impacts of the Fall of Tara that had happened in the past
We have been species who have always had contempt against the
human race, regarding that God and through their liaisons, the
Guardian-Founders, has played favoritism towards humanity, making
us as the Crown Jewel of all consciousness embodiment within the
Nebadon universe.
They even considered humans to be a result of “failed seeding
Thus, when the Electrical Wars broke out, there were anti-human
race sympathizers who joined the conflict, with these entities who
occupied the neighboring star systems contending that the “failed
human seeding experiment” should not be allowed again.
These same individuals later considered the Taran explosion being the
result of human extreme negligence, leading to such cataclysms that
generated extreme damage and genetic mutations subjecting also
other civilizations to such genetic digressions.
Thus, they demanded that any future human seeding be sealed off
and quarantines generated to protect higher dimensional realms from
incurring any further damage.
The Founders and Lyran-Elohim negotiated with other neighboring
systems and races that were in conflict for allowing the Taran angelic
human lines to continue to evolve on the Earth.
Accordingly, when human consciousness was no longer deemed as
being a threat to other planets or to Universal systems and their
stargate security, the quarantines-seals would be lifted and assistance
would be given to those who truly desired to practice the Law of One
to spiritually evolve.
• It was then mandated that, ultimately, it should be the responsibility
of the returning families of RA confederacy to oversee these requests
to ensure that humanity truly and sincerely dedicate themselves to
the process of bio-spiritual consciousness healing, and be willing to
place effort in their spiritual practice in order to ascend into higher
Institute of Spiritual Science Inc. Publishing 2021.
This article has been lovingly and painstakingly prepared as a SERVICE to God and
humanity and as a benefit to the ALL, and for the sole purpose of spiritually
‘awakening’ the public from their condemnation to ‘unconsciousness enslavement.’
It may be shared or posted freely on websites, Facebook pages, or any public forum.
It is expected that when it is re-blogged or displayed, it is carried out without
changing its content, preferably in its entirety, and without any paltering intent, and
only if its content is not disseminated for the purpose of personal financial gains or
‘service to self only.’
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16. A Tale of the Two Suns: Part IV: On the Nebadon’s 12D Grid and Harmonic
17. The Reality of Soul Aspect, Soul Expression, and Oversoul (HIGHERSELF), and
the Illusory Notion of the “Past, Present and Future”
18. On the Quantum Reality of having the Status of a ‘Soul Aspect,’ ‘Soul
Expression,’ ‘Oversoul (Monad),’ ‘Avatar,’ and becoming an ‘Ascended Master,’
‘Guardian-Founder,’ and Beyond
19. The Guardian Founders Seeding of the Nebadon Universe – Part IV: The Cradle
of Tara, to be published
20. Modern Psychology 101: On the Historical Perspectives of the Origin of the
‘Shadow Selves’ – The Taran Timelines, to be published
21. Modern Psychology 101: On the Historical Perspectives of the Origin of the
‘Shadow Selves’ – The Post Taran Timelines and the Advent of Paliadorian
Rescue, to be published
22. Negative Aliens ‘Reverse Consciousness’ (NARC) Technology: Negative Aliens
Reverse Consciousness (NARC) Technology: Phantom (versus Organic)
Timelines Matrix of Reality, to be published
23. Mixing Oil and Water: Negative Aliens AI-based Phantom Reality versus Divine
Organic Consciousness Holographic Reality
24. Distortion of the Core Manifestation Body via Black Goo, its Re-encryption and
its Relation to Phantom Reality
25. A Higher Dimensional Account of Creation: The Equation of Dualism
26. The Dualism Principle of Creation
27. A Higher Dimensional Account of Creation – Part XII: The First Harmonic
28. A Higher Dimensional Account of Creation – Part XIII: The Second Harmonic
29. Consciousness Quanta of Energy, Matter-Antimatter and Consciousness
Vibration within the Innerspace of Space-Time Dimensions
30. The Phenomenon of ‘Conjugate’ or ‘Mirrored’ Space-Times
31. On the Cosmological Laws of Entanglement of the Conjugate or Mirrored
Dimensional Space-Time and the Conservative Law of Cyclic Constitutional
32. A Tale of the two Suns – Part I: On the Conjugate Mirrored Space-Time System
of the Nebadon Universe
33. Crystalline Consciousness and the Dawn of Ascension
34. Humanity’s 12-Strand of DNA and Who Created its Structure
35. Human Angelic Oraphim Genetics and 12D DNA Strand Crystalline Silicate
Morphogenetic Structure, to be published
36. The Divine Feminine Mother and her Reversal Forming Achamoth, Black
Madonna Network, Black Lilith, etc., to be published
37. Tiamat, the Reversed Dark Mother (Achamoth) and the Generation of the
Parasites Entities such as SPEs, to be published
38. Negative Aliens “Attachments,” “Possessions” and how to Circumvent them
39. Modern Psychology 101: ‘Shadow Self,’ Possessions and Parasitization
40. The God-SOURCE: The Prime Creator and the Foundation of Divine Creation
41. On the Issue of the Perpetuity of the Universe and Closed versus Open Source
of Energy
42. Essays on Humanity – Part II: Sentience
43. Essays on Humanity – Part V: Living as Sentient Beings
44. A Higher Dimensional Account of Creation – Part VII: The Mechanics of
45. Negative Aliens ‘Reverse Consciousness’ (NARC) Technology: “Parasitism –
Siphoning energies, to be published
46. Negative Aliens Reverse Consciousness (NARC) Technology, An Overview of
Genetic Implants, to be published
47. A Higher Dimensional Exposition of the Phenomenon of ‘Space-Time
48. The Phenomenon of Natural (Organic) – Creational (Constructive) Time
Effectuating Consciousness Expansion
49. A Closer Look at Organic Life and Earth Humanity
50. On the Cosmic and Universal Aspects of Experiencing Life as a Solar Organic
Consciousness Being as a Human
51. On the Original Guardian-Founder Planetary Grid Networks or Templar
Pylons, to be published
52. On the Reversed Grids and the Negative Aliens’ Infrastructure on Earth, to be
53. The Underlying Reason for the Creation of Human Beings
54. A Tale of the two Suns – Part V: On the ‘Wall in Time’ and the Quarantine Fields
of the Nebadon Universe, to be published
55. Cosmos and the Human Energetic System – Part III: The Inner Cosmos (Aura,
Chakras, Nadis), Eden magazine, February 2017
56. The Human Chakric and Auric System
57. Cosmos and the Human Energetic System – Part II: The Human Bio-Plasmic
(Etheric) Field, Eden magazine, January 2017
58. An Overview of The Human Chakras,’ to be published
59. Dimensions of Consciousness
60. A Higher Dimensional Account of Creation – Part XI: The Innerspace and the
Dimensional Aspect of Consciousness
61. A Higher Dimensional Exposition of the Phenomenon of Holographic Universe
– Part I: ‘Dimensions’ and the ‘Parallels’
62. Further Insights in Deciphering the Dimensional Space-Time of the Cosmos
63. A Tale of the Two Suns: Part III: On the Main (Cosmological) Dimensional
Structure of the Nebadon Universe
64. Consciousness Expansibility
65. The Interconnection of Vibration, ‘Consciousness Expansibility,’ ‘Soul
Compliance,’ and Karma and their Relevance to Consciousness
66. Unity Consciousness: Its Quantum Nature, Dissemination and Expansion
67. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ascension Earth 2012, Institute of Spiritual Science Inc.
Press, 2012.
68. Who are the Fallen Melchizedeks – Part III: The False Ascension (5D) Matrix
69. Who are the Guardian Hosts? – The Updated Ascension Program (Plan B)
70. A Theory of Everything: Matter – Antimatter
71. A Cosmic Constitutive Theory: Matter-Antimatter
72. The Relevance of Matter-Antimatter Particle Mechanics to the Dimensional
Space-Times of the Physical Universe
73. Fundamental Laws of Cosmos Inter-relating Consciousness, Constitution
[Matter-Antimatter] and Energy
74. Consciousness Quanta of Energy, Matter-Antimatter and Consciousness
Vibration within the Innerspace of Space-Time Dimensions
75. The Fundamental Laws Governing Creation, Dimensional Space-Time, MatterAntimatter, Conscious Vibration, and Entanglement
76. The Space-Time Fundamentals
77. Space-Time-Revisited
78. A Higher Dimensional Exposition of the Phenomenon of ‘Space-Time‘
79. Further Insights in Deciphering the Dimensional Space-Time of the Cosmos
80. Essays on Humanity – Part IV: Emotion-Intuition versus Thought-Logic
81. We are ALL Connected: The Principle of Local and Non-local Entanglement
82. Ascending to the 5th and Higher Dimensions – Part II: The Illusion of
83. The Negative Aliens Nefarious Agenda: An Introduction
84. The Negative Aliens Nefarious Agenda: Revisited
85. Negative Aliens and their different Mind Controlling Tactics
86. Negative Aliens and their Nefarious Agendas and Strategies: System of Mind
87. Negative Aliens Reverse Consciousness (NARC) Technology: Circumventing
Mind Control
88. Negative Aliens Reverse Consciousness (NARC) Gender Archetypes Mind
Control Programming: An Overview
89. Negative Aliens and their Archetype Mind Control
90. Negative Aliens ‘Reverse Consciousness’ (NARC) Mind Control
Programming: Sexual Misery, to be published
91. Negative Aliens ‘Reverse Consciousness’ (NARC): Male-Archetype Mind
Control Programming,” to be published
92. Negative Aliens ‘Reverse Consciousness’ (NARC): Male-Archetype Mind
Control Programming: Misogyny,” to be published
93. Negative Aliens ‘Reverse Consciousness’ (NARC) Mind Control Strategy:
Religious Hypocrisy and Superstition, to be published
94. Negative Aliens ‘Reverse Consciousness’ (NARC) Mind Control Programming:
Violence and War-Mongering Strategy, to be published
95. Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi, Ph.D., “Negative Aliens ‘Reverse Consciousness’
(NARC) Mind Control Strategy: Prejudice and Eugenics,” to be published
96. Negative Aliens ‘Reverse Consciousness’ (NARC) Mind Control Programming:
Elitism, to be published
97. Negative Aliens Reverse Consciousness (NARC) Technology, An Overview of
Frequency Fences, to be published
98. The Fall of Humanity: The Onset of Death Quarantine - Seal, Aging, Diseases,
and Mortality, to be published
The Dual Sides of Existence: Congealment versus Free-Flow
The Worlds of Matter-Antimatter of the Parallel and Antiparallel Omni
Life: A Vibrational Existence
Human Consciousness, Vibration, and Genetics
On the Nature of Time Progression and its Relevance to Conscious
The Mechanics of Cosmos – Part II: Cosmic (Quantum) Consciousness
and Sentient Vibration
A Unified Theory for the Conscious Vibration of a Sentient Light Being
A Mathematical Model for the Quantification of Consciousness [Soul
On Quantification of Consciousness
A Mathematical Model for the Physical Vibration [Animation] of an
Ageing Sentient Body
The Interconnection of Vibration, ‘Consciousness Expansibility,’ ‘Soul
Compliance,’ and Karma and their Relevance to Consciousness
Dynamics of Sentient Vibration, Karmic Response, and Sequential
Jumping of Souls into Parallel
A Unified Theory for the Creation of Cosmos and Vibration of all that it
Interdimensional Physics: Concepts of Time, Space, Dimensions,
Quantum Consciousness and Sentient Vibration
On the Nature of Cosmological Time
On The Zero-Point Field, or Unified Field, Neural Network or the Divine
Mind of the God-SOURCE, to be published
Ascending to the 5th and Higher Dimensions – Part III: The Mechanics of
Collective (Unity) Consciousness
Ascending to the 5th and Higher Dimensions – Part IV: Attaining Unity
Consciousness (Oneness)
Negative Aliens Holographic Insert of Reversal Pertaining to our
Consciousness Imprisonment
Who are the Fallen Melchizedeks – Part II: The Astral Plane Connection
Physical Death and Afterlife: the Astral Plane, Summerland [Purgatory],
and the Onset of Reincarnation or Ascension
Saying NO to Reincarnation is your only Ticket out of the 3-D Duality
A Higher Dimensional Account of Creation – Part XIV: The Sub-planes of
the Fourth Dimension
Theory of EVERYTHING: Dark Matter Manifestation Body and
Morphogenetic Template
A Higher Dimensional Account of Creation – Part X: Consciousness
Consciousness – Revisited: From 3-D Brain-Based Theories to
understanding the TRUTH of Non-Local Aspect of Cosmic Consciousness
Linear Time and the NOW
Parallel and Alternate Dimensions, the NOW, and the Holographic
Nature of Time and Space
A Higher Dimensional Perception of the Phenomenon of Time – Part V:
The Local and Absolute NOW Moment and the Advent of Torsion Waves