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Solar System Podcasts
Choose at least 30 minutes of podcast to listen to from the list below. For example, if you
choose the first one, it is the only one you need to listen to. If you choose, “A sonic tour of
the solar system,” you will also need to listen to another. As you listen record at least 5
interesting facts you learned. Finally, what are some follow up questions you have after
listening? Submit your facts and questions to the Teams assignment.
Star-talk Podcast: “Extended Classic: Tour of the Solar System” Season 6, Episode 46
Join Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chuck Nice as they tour the solar system with Mars
Exploration Rover principal investigator Steve Squyres and planetary scientist Heidi
Hammel. Extended with 10 minutes of new Cosmic Queries with Bill Nye!
Science Vs: “The Moon: Why Are We Really Going Back?” December 9 2021
The moon race is back! Countries — and billionaires — are lining up to take a crack at
returning to the moon. But why are we really going? Some say this is a lunar gold rush,
that countries want to mine the moon for resources. Others are saying the real reason to go
to the moon today is that it’ll help us get to Mars. To find out, we talk to engineer Dr. Angel
Abbud-Madrid, physicist Prof. Nicolle Zellner, and astronomer Prof. Gregg Hallinan.
Unexplainable: “A Sonic Tour of the Solar System” February 2 2022
What does it sound like on Mars? On Jupiter? Titan?
Unexplainable: “Moon Poop” July 21 2021
Astronauts left something on the moon that could help unlock the origins of life itself.
Unexplainable: “How Venus went to Hell” December 2021
Venus is the hottest, scariest place in the solar system, but billions of years ago it may have
been a lot like Earth, complete with an ocean of water.