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Международный Конкурс-игра по английскому языку «Лев», 4 октября 2018 г.
Sandra Thompson … (1)______ the painting because (2)________.
William Rees ……....(3)______ the painting because (4)________.
Daniel Foreman…… (5)______ the painting because (6)________.
Josie McCartney…... (7)______ the painting because (8)________.
Sophie Christie ….. (9)______ the painting because (10)_______.
Лист 1 – Задания
Дата проведения: 4 октября 2018 года
Возрастная группа: 10-11 класс
Время проведения: 60 минут
Конкурсное задание состоит из 50 вопросов.
Количество верных ответов один!
1. can’t have stolen
1. Занимательный английский
Read this police report about a stolen painting and do the task that follows.
A very small but valuable painting has been stolen from
Sidcombe art gallery. We know it was stolen between 6.00
and 7.30 on Friday evening. There are several suspects. They
all have keys to the art gallery:
The director,
William Rees
The cloakroom
attendant, Josie
A cleaner,
A student,
Daniel Foreman
The shop
manager, Sophie
William was on the phone in his office between 6.00 and
7.00. He says he left the gallery at 7.15 but nobody saw him
The cloakroom was closed at 5.30 and Josie tidied up. She
was just leaving when the cleaners arrived and she stopped to
have a chat with them. They all left together at 6.15.
Sandra cleaned the offices and the galleries with two other
cleaners. They finished at 6.00 and had a chat in the
cloakroom before leaving together at 6.15. She says the
picture was still there at 6.00
When the gallery was closed at 5.30 Daniel begged the
caretaker to let him stay a bit longer to finish his work. The
caretaker saw him coming out of the toilets at 6.30 and told
him to leave. He bought an expensive car on Saturday.
Sophie closed the museum shop at 5.30 but had to stay and
wait for a delivery. The driver got delayed in the traffic and
arrived at 6.05. He left straight away and Sophie said she left
at about 6.15 but nobody saw her leave the building.
Who had the opportunity to steal the painting?
Choose the best group of words in the box to fill each gap 1-10. For the first
gap use the words from the column on the left, for the second gap use the words
from the column on the right. Use each group of words once.
ЦДО «Снейл»
т.: (3812)238-177
2. could have stolen
3. couldn’t have stolen
4. may have stolen
5. must have stolen
6. this suspect was there until 7.15 and alone after
the phone call
7. this suspect was alone there between 6.05 and
6.15 and nobody saw him leave
8. this suspect stayed after the gallery was shut
and then bought an expensive car
9. this suspect was with the cleaners and they left
10. this suspect was with the other cleaners after
2. Полезные незнакомцы
Each example has an idiom from household items and tools. Read the example
carefully to find the meaning of the idiom. Then choose the right idiom for the gap
in the sentence. But be careful: two idioms are extra. Use only numbers.
11. The dread of being the cause of misery to posterity has prevailed over men to
conceal the skeleton in ________.
12. Let’s forget our disagreement and ______.
13. You shouldn't ____ all your problems ______. You should face them one by one
and try to solve them.
14. John is such _______. He always stays home and never does anything fun with
his friends.
15. I wasn’t sure if I did well on the test. So I was _____ when the teacher was
giving them back.
16. I've given her some silver cutlery for her _____.
17. There was _______ this evening when my brother sat down at the table with a
black eye, but didn’t say anything about what had happened.
18. I was _______ until she called to say she had arrived in Istanbul.
19. We ________ when the Pope visited Toronto.
20. If you try to organize an event that will appeal to both young and old, you can
end up caught between ________.
Международный Конкурс-игра по английскому языку «Лев», 10-11 класс
[email protected]
Международный Конкурс-игра по английскому языку «Лев», 4 октября 2018 г.
1. a wet blanket
2. bottom drawer
3. an elephant in the dining room
4. soap opera
5. bury the hatchet
6. the red carpet
7. cough up
8. the closet
9. two stools
10. sweep all your problems under the
11. on pins and needles
12. kettle of fish
Many words from the French language came into the English language and
nowadays they are commonly used in English. You are given the sentences
containing the loans from French. Read the example carefully to find the meaning.
Then choose the right word or word combination for the gap in the sentence. But be
careful: two words are extra. Use only numbers.
A salad doesn’t come with your dinner, but you can order one ____.
I’m going to be sent as an ____ to three different countries this year.
Tom is very _____. He trusts everyone.
Pam’s parents are so ______. All they ever do is talk about their money.
My company cut half its staff this year but the upper ____ got huge
Only the ____ attended the opening night in the Opera.
I had a sense of ___ when I visited Egypt. Maybe I was there in a past life!
I sure hope they’re going to serve ____ since we aren’t going to have dinner
for an hour!
I’m going to call the ___ and ask him to get me two tickets for the opera this
My favourite pastry is an ____. I like to eat the ends off first, then eat my
way toward the middle where I’ll find the most custard.
1. bourgeois
2. eclair
3. déjà vu
4. attache
5. gourmet
6. hors d’oeuvre
3. Страноведение
Test your knowledge of mythic creatures found in UK folklore. Match the creature
and its description. Three pictures are extra.
31. This legendary monster lived in the north of England, especially in
Yorkshire. In medieval England, it lurked in the woods and came to scare
naughty children only.
32. This creature is a House Elf, a being that is bound to one family until he (or
she) dies or is freed, whichever comes first.
33. This is a mythological creature commonly depicted as mischievous and
mechanically oriented, with a specific interest in aircraft.
34. This creature is believed to live in the north of England. It lives in the mills
in a big stove. People think that it helps the miller.
35. These creatures are said to inhabit houses and aid in tasks around the house.
However, they do not like to be seen and will only work at night,
traditionally in exchange for small gifts of food.
1. Gremlin
3. Killmulis
4. Barguest
6. Aughisky
7. Dobby
8. Basilisk
7. echelon
8. concierge
9. a la carte
10. haute couture
11. elite
12. naive
5. Brownie
ЦДО «Снейл»
2. Afanc
т.: (3812)238-177
Международный Конкурс-игра по английскому языку «Лев», 10-11 класс
[email protected]
Международный Конкурс-игра по английскому языку «Лев», 4 октября 2018 г.
4. Задания олимпиадного характера
Read the following text. Decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap in
the text. Always read the words before and after the gap carefully. The correct
option may be dependent on collocation, a set phrase or complementation.
It’s high time you hung up your trainers!
People who take exercise are full of their own self-importance. It’s all so
serious, like religion. It’s difficult talking to sporty people: they get a far-off look in
their eyes, and their feet keep moving on the 36_____.
Exercising makes people think that they can live forever. It is the moment of
realization that we are mortal. Yet 37 ____ to terms with oneself, finding out who
one is, comes from within, not from running round a park with 2,000 other people.
Exercise is repetitive and unending; the 38_____ you stop, the flab returns and the
pulse slows down again.
And it’s expensive: in terms of time, effort and material things like club fees,
equipment and special outfits. But take 39 ______, for the best club to join is free,
has no age limit, requires no 40 ______experience or special outfits. It’s right there
in your front room. Welcome, Couch Potatoes, to your rightful place beside the fire.
2. earth
3. spot
4. point
3. coming
4. reaching
2. hour
3. time
4. moment
2. soul
4. mind
2. opening
3. previous
4. early
In questions 41-45 each sentence has four underlined words or phrases. The four
underlined parts of the sentences are marked 1, 2, 3, 4. Identify the ONE underlined
word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct.
43. (1) According to many economists, international specialization in the
production of some goods, (2) such as cars and computers, (3) increase
world efficiency and output, (4) making all nations richer.
44. The (1) tiny nucleus of (2) an atom is held together by (3) forces powerful
capable (4) of unleashing great energy.
45. (1) Unlike most liquids, which contract when they (2) solidify, water
expands (3) by nine (4) percentage when it freezes.
Choose the word or phrase which would best keep the meaning of the underlined
word or phrase of the original sentence.
46. Chester Alan Arthur, 21st president of the United States, was a handsome
man with a ruddy complexion.
1. broad shoulders 2. red-coloured skin 3. a slight limp 4. wavy hair
47. Automation has done away with much of the drudgery of work.
1. uniqueness
2. dirtiness
3. unpleasantness 4. Slowness
48. In the spring, one might see newly born animals taking their first wobbly
1. unsteady 2. mincing 3. baby 4. Tentative
49. Marion Anderson’s European debut was triumphant.
1. luxuriant 2. disastrous 3. victorious 4. Newsworthy
50. In some parts of the world, an everyday outfit consists of a colourful shirt
and baggy pants.
1. tight 2. worn 3. loose 4. woven
41. The (1) discovering of quarks, (2) minute particles of matter, has (3) led to a
new age in particle (4) physics.
42. (1) Because of their (2) beautiful coloration, palomino horses (3) does often
chosen (4) as show horses for parades.
ЦДО «Снейл»
т.: (3812)238-177
Международный Конкурс-игра по английскому языку «Лев», 10-11 класс
[email protected]