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Independent regulatory agencies are federal agencies created by an act of Congress that
are independent of the executive departments. Though they are considered part of
the executive branch, these agencies are meant to impose and enforce regulations free
of political influence.
Environmental Protection Agency
Food and Drug Administration
Federal Trade Commission
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Aviation Administration
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Federal Reserve System
Interstate Commerce Commission
National Labor Relations Board
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Securities and Exchange Commission
Regulatory Agency Notes Worksheet
Directions: Research the following information about 4 independent agencies. You will need to
use your devices. Use the other side of the paper
to record your findings. (Answer the questions for 4 agencies of your choice)
1. Name of Agency:
2. When was the agency established?
3. Why was the agency established?
4. What are some of its duties and responsibilities?