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Over the many years, the world has faced
many social injustices in society today and is
a big problem that people are facing. One
example is Racial Injustice. Racism has a
long history in the whole world; it has a very
big impact in education, business, and
media. The pope says that “the Lord
promises rest and liberation to all the
oppressed in the world, but he needs us to make his promise e ective,” and he also said “He
needs our eyes to see the needs of our brothers and sisters. He needs our hands to help. He
needs our voice to denounce the injustices committed in silence, sometimes complicit, of
many.” From this message he calls us to respond to trust God in his promise and use our hands
and our voices to denounce all of the injustice committed every single day. Child welfare is also
tiressely being combatted around the world by social workers and activists. Despite their many
e orts, there are still a lot of problems children face that are harmful to their health and mental
wellbeing. We should follow and do however the pope calls us to respond.