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I was a summoned hero, asked to fight for a nation I had no attachment to. No matter how
many times I think about it, it was absurd. They told me to fight without even the guarantee of returning
home. They ordered me to fight with my own life in the line for their land and people.
The king and nobles' demands were absurd. Still, I did them anyway, for I pitied the ordinary
citizens who couldn't fight for themselves.
For a moment, it was satisfying, the thought that you were risking your life for the lives of
hundreds of thousands. Only after a while will you realize how pointless it was. Why do I even have to
fight for these strangers when I cannot even go back to my world and protect my family?
It was not all bad. After all, it was at that foreign land that I met comrades I could entrust my
back to. Unlike me, they lived their whole lives in the empire; they had families they wanted to protect
and return to. For those comrades of mine, I fought harder than before. I wanted to make sure they
could return safely to their families.
At last, I was fighting for people I held dear. It was more motivating. There were several
instances where it felt hopeless, but I never forgot my goal.
Years of continuous fighting against a being far beyond this world was what it took to achieve
my goal. Finally! My comrades, I thank you for being with me. It was because of you that I felt warmth in
this foreign land. That's why I want you to return to the people you wanted to protect so much.
However, as we returned to the empire, it was not the cheers of the people that welcomed us,
nor were it the tears of joy of those who awaited our triumphant return.
What welcomed us were the swords of imperial guards and wands of the imperial mages.
"Heroes, we are here to arrest you for working with the demon lord. We found out that you signed a
contract with the demon lord to gain fame and riches."
Once again, they were saying absurd things. Us? Working with the demon lord for fame and riches?
We risked our lives to protect this empire, and this is what we get? It was agitating, but I couldn't even
retaliate because of their damn magic dampening device.
To think that the heroes can be captured by mere magic dampening devices. How absurd is that?
We wouldn't have been captured here had we not let our guards down. The thought of returning to the
empire made us lower down our guard.
I regretted being manipulated into fighting the demon lord again and again, but what would that even
"So this is it, huh?" One of my comrades said as we stood in front of the crowd, tied up with a sword in
our neck.
"Why is this happening?" Another asked.
"Isn't it obvious? Now that the demon lord is gone, we are the only threat to the empire. If we wanted,
we could've easily overthrown the imperial family. I betcha they were just afraid to have their privileges
taken away from them."
That's it? They are killing us because they don't want to be kicked out of their palace?
"Kill the heroes!"
"How could you work with the demon lord?! They killed our families!"
"Make the heroes pay!"
These bunch of idiots. They hid behind us when faced with the demons, and now they're stabbing us
upfront because they know we can't do anything about it?
How pathetic. These weak-ass humans. Even the demons were better than them. At least they never
betrayed their kins to their dying deaths. To think that I protected these vile creatures.
---------------------------------------------------------------------"You here, Akira?"