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Fire Safety Quiz
1. When using a fire extinguisher, the acronym PASS will help you remember the steps
to extinguishing a fire. What does the A in PASS stand for?
a) Air
c) Anticipate
b) Aim
d) Attack
2. In the acronym PASS, what does the P stand for?
a) Point
c) Pull (the pin)
b) Prepare
d) Push
3. In the acronym PASS what do the two S’s stand for?
a) Squeeze and Sweep
b) Squirt and Sweep
c) Sweep and Stare
c) Sweep and Stare
4. When using the fire extinguisher, you are to start at the ____________ of the fire?
a) Top and work down
c) To the right
b) To the left
d) Base
5. Class A fires include
a) Trash
c) Paper
b) Wood
d) All of the above
6. Class C fires include
a) Trash, paper and wood
c) Electrical equipment
b) Chemical fire
d) Kitchen fires
7. Class B fires include
a) Trash, paper and wood
c) Kitchen Fires
b) Flammable liquids such as gasoline
d) None of the above
8. In the acronym RACE what does the “C” stand for:
a) carry
c) conceal
b) contain
d) contaminate
9. The “R” in RACE stands for:
a) remove
c) repair
b) retain
d) restart
10. The “A” in RACE stands for:
a) account
c) activate
b) ability
d) assemble