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Distance healing is a technique that allows the practitioner to offer a
Angel Healing Session without the client being in the same room or
geographic location. Distance Healing is also sometimes referred to as
the Absentee Healing technique.
You can do it online, or even offline.
Remote Healing Instructions
Before you can begin remote healing, you must find a quiet space where
you can relax and think clearly. Begin by sitting or lying down in a
comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths. As you breathe, picture
the energy moving through your body, from your feet to the top of your
head. Imagine the energy moving in one direction as you inhale and
another as you exhale.
1. As you continue to breathe, hold your hands together to form a
small cup. Imagine the energy traveling to your hands as you
exhale. Picture the person or persons you are trying to heal and
imagine that you are holding them in your hands.
2. The energy running through your body is a form of light or godly
love. Feel it moving through you as you breathe. Embrace the spirit,
the energy, as it courses through your body and is transmitted to
those in need. Remain calm and keep breathing.
3. Imagine, as you breathe, that there is a divine effort providing
grace so that people can heal. See people being sent to safe places
and reunited with their families. Imagine peace and love flowing
into the hearts of those who are suffering, so that may not only be
healed physically but mentally as well. Feel this as deeply as you
can as you meditate.
4. Avoid negative energy. Remember that the goal of remote healing
is to nourish and heal those in need by providing miraculous
assistance. Focus on this rather than directing your attention to
what is not going well. Accept that the past cannot be changed but
that you can work toward building a future that is positive and
5. Continue to imagine holding those you intend to heal in the cup of
your hands. Send your love to them and allow for healing miracles
to take place. Think about other actions you might take to bring
about good in the world (donating money or volunteering, for
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Before you end your meditation, ask God—or whichever higher
power you believe in—to bless those in need and bring peace to
their lives. Take a deep breath before ending your healing session.
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