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All about Money
Click the money icons to be taken to a website to be able to answer the questions in each set.
The Beginning
How is money made? List the 11 steps and a brief description of each step.
Who prints the money?
What is a banknote or note?
What year did printing of money begin?
Briefly describe the process back then.
Journey before Circulation
What is an FRN?
2. Who is involved with the circulation of money?
3. List the 5 steps to circulation and a brief description.
The Life Cycle to Circulation
Who are the government partners in the life cycle of money? (include
2. Who has the final say in Design?
3. How long does it take to become a banknote engraver?
4. What do new note designs include?
5. How often does the FRB place an Order with the BEP for new bills?
6. What is the Order based on?
7. What percent of the notes being ordered will be used to replace unfit/damaged notes?
8. How long does it take for a sheet to accepted or rejected in Production?
9. What is the composition of U.S. currency?
10. During Issuance, when does money become lawful?
11. Where do notes from and to?
12. After the FRB processes notes to ensure that they are genuine, how do they get into
13. Use GOOGLE, why do $1 bills have a shorter lifespan than $100 bills?
14. Click the icon
to briefly describe why you rarely see the $2 bill and its history.