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Teacher: Caliendo/Sameroff
Subject: ELA
Text: “A Quilt of a Country” by Anna Quindlen
Date: 9/14/16
Topic: Making Inferences/PreReading
Learning Objective: Students will be able to make meaningful inferences about a text based on an
author’s background information utilizing a visual and vocabulary in context.
Essential Question: How does prereading and making inferences help us make meaning of a text?
CCSS: HS.L.4a. HS.SL.1. HS.L.6
Motivation: Connecting Word & Image: (Independent Practice) Students will be asked to read a
quote and look at a visual and connect them in paragraph form. 5 min
Activity #1: Vocabulary in context: (Independent Practice) Students will be given 5 difficult
words that are in our first text and define them by utilizing context clues. Students are given a
sentence with context clues and they have to share their ideas about how they discovered the word
meanings. 10 min
Activity #2: PreRead/Analyze/Discuss/Make Inferences: Students and teachers will read through
the 1st Collection’s focus, the unit vocabulary, and discuss their performance task for the end of the
unit. Students will read the background information on Anna Quindlen and make an inference
based on that along with the title of her argument. 15 min
Activity #3: Students will be asked to make another inference based on the prompt given in the
textbook, which is the first line of Quindlen’s argument. They will be asked to take into
consideration a vocabulary word used and what we know about Quindlen so far, and the
collection’s focus. Students will write their response in a minimum of 1 paragraph. If they can
make a connection to their own life they are asked to do so. 15 min
EXIT SLIP (Assessment): Students will summarize a main point of the lesson of their choosing. 5
Hallwork: Students will write original sentences for the vocabulary words used in class.
-Guided questions
-Synonyms given as opposed to definitions so familiar words can be substituted with unfamiliar
-difficult words defined prior to practices utilizing them
-Student choice
-Students who prefer to work independently can move at their own pace without the class
-Students who finish early can begin the homework