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8th Grade Science Safety Contract
Mr. Hammond
The student will receive a paper copy on the first day of class where the rules will be
covered in depth. Students will be required to sign the contract as well as a parent or
legal guardian and return to the teacher.
1. I will always act responsibly during science activities.
2. I will follow the teacher’s directions and laboratory rules carefully.
3. I will wear protective clothing and safety goggles when required to do so.
4. I know the class emergency plans. (Fire, Tornado, Lockdown, Dismissal, etc...)
5. I will immediately notify the teacher in the case of an emergency.
6. I will tie back long hair, remove any jewelry, and wear close-toed shoes on days we have
7. I will not taste, eat, drink, or inhale anything during science class unless instructed by
the teacher to do so.
8. I will tell the teacher if I see someone or something that is unsafe.
9. I will only bring my cell phone or personal electronic device to class when permitted by
the teacher. I also understand that it is to be used for in-class activities only unless for
an emergency.
10. I understand that failure to follow these rules can result in exemption from future
activities and I may be given alternate activities for the remainder of the course.
As the student, I have reviewed these guidelines in class with my teacher and I agree to
follow these rules and any additional instructions written or verbal that may be given to me
by the teacher or the school. As the parent or legal guardian, I have looked over the rules and
acknowledge that my child is responsible for his or her actions.
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