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More Practices
I. Gradable & Non-gradable adjective
Instruction: Are the underlined adjectives gradable or ungradable? Suggest an appropriate adverb to
complete each sentence. Try to use a different adverb each time.
1. =e play was ____________ marvelous.
2. =e answer is ____________ simple.
3. His new flat is ____________ enormous.
4. He was ____________ devastated by the news.
5. =e instructions were ____________ complicated.
6. I was ____________ disappointed.
7. =e answer was ____________ absurd.
8. =e questions were ____________ hard.
9. Her books are ____________ popular.
10. I was ____________ terrified by the film.
11. He's a(n) ____________ successful artist.
12. He's a(n) ____________ essential member of the team.
II. -er / -est, more/most
Complete the sentences with an appropriate comparative or superlative adjective. Use an -er/-est or
more/most form. Indicate where both forms are possible.
1. I feel much more relaxed now that the exams are over.
2. Our new car is a little ____________ than our old one, but still fits easily into the garage.
3. Her latest speech was strong and confident, and some people now consider her to be the ____________
figure in British politics.
4. Now that they had both had their hair cut, the twins looked even ____________ than usual.
5. =roughout the match, Barcelona looked the ____________ winners
6. Scientists claim that oil pollution is now the ____________ cause of death among sea birds.
7. =e last exam was quite easy and I began to feel ____________ about my results.
8. Another, even _________ computer had to be designed to control the environment of the space station.
9. It's been the ____________ day in London for 35 years.
10. =is exercise is too difficult. I think you should make it ____________.
III. As ……... as
1. Instruction: Complete these sentences with or not as/ Sometimes two answers are
possible. Use the words in the brackets and add any other necessary words.
1. It's as intelligent an article as I've ever read in a newspaper. (intelligent/article)
2. Since her accident, Mary has tried to lead ____________ possible. (normal/life)
3. It's ____________ I'd imagined. (not/beautiful/house)
4. =ey're ____________ in the last school I worked at. (not/well-behaved/children)
5. Mr. Chan is ____________ his predecessor was. (not/popular/president)
6. =e new motorway is ____________ it is in the countryside. (not/major/issue/town)
2. Instruction: Complete these sentences with as much as, as many as, as little as, or as few as.
1. I used to smoke ____________ 60 cigarettes a day.
2. He doesn't play golf now ____________ he used to.
3. It was disappointing that ____________ 200 delegates came to the conference.
4. It's still possible to pay ____________ £5 for a good meal at some restaurants in the city.
5. At the busiest times, ____________ 50 planes land at the airport every hour.
6. I sometimes have to spend ____________ £30 a day on rail fares.
III. =e more …………, the more…………….
Instruction: Complete the sentence below with appropriate form using your own opinion.
1 =e later the general election, the better it is for the government.
2 =e higher the temperature, _____________________________________________.
3 _____________________________________________, the more expensive it becomes.
4 =e bigger the European Union gets, _____________________________________________.
5 _____________________________________________, the more difficult it is to get up in the morning.