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A. Driving Tools
Screwdrivers – These are used to loosen or
tighten screws with slotted heads and come
in various sizes and shapes.
Types of Screwdriver
Standard/Flat Screwdriver- The blade tip is
wedge shaped and resembles a negative (sign. This is used to drive screws with a
single slot head.
Types of Screwdriver
Philips Screwdriver- This has a cross tip
resembling a positive (+) sign. This is used
to drive screws with cross slot heads.
Stubby Screwdriver
This comes in either standard or Philips
screwdriver with short shank or blade and a
shorted handle used to turn screws in tight
spaces where a standard screwdriver cannot
Types of Screwdriver
Allen Screwdriver/Wrench- This could be in
the shape of screw driver or a wrench, its
function is to drive a screw with hexagonal
slot head.
Precisions Screw Drivers
Soldering Tools
Soldering Iron – This is used to solder
connecting wires.
Desoldering Pump
Splicing / Gripping / Holding Tools
Pliers - These tools are made from metal
with insulators in the handle and are used
for cutting, twisting, bending, holding, and
gripping wires and cables.
Combination Pliers (Linesman’s Pliers) - This
is used for gripping, holding, and cutting
electrical wires and cables and even small nails. They
are usually used by linemen in doing heavy tasks.
Side Cutting Pliers - This type of pliersis used for
Long Nose Pliers -
This is used for cutting and holding
fine wires.This can reach
spaces or small openings where other pliers cannot reach
and is also used in making terminal loops of copper wires.
Wire Stripper - This is a tool used for stripping or
removing the insulation
Alligator Clips
Boring Tools
Portable Electric Drill - A small drilling
machine with a chuck capacity of ¼to 3/8
inch. It is used in making holes on metal
sheets and concrete walls.
Magnifying Glass
Cleaning Brush
Masking Tape