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The Outsiders Review
You can & should use your book.
Match the line from the story with what
the foreshadowing:
1) “Two-Bit handed it over to Dally without
a moment’s hesitation.” (125)
A) the church catches on fire because of a
2) “I had the same deathly fear that
something was going to happen that none
of us could stop.” (127)
B) Johnny is going to die
3) “I couldn’t figure it out then, but later I
found out what the doctor had been talking
to the judge about.” (168)
C) the judge learns about Ponyboy suffering
from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
D) Dally uses the knife to get out of the
hospital & make it to the rumble
Match the character with their personality
1) Two-Bit
2) Ponyboy
A) thinks just like Ponyboy
3) Sodapop
B) happy-go-lucky
4) Bob
C) fearless when saving children
5) Johnny
D) a joker
6) Dally
E) never told No
7) Darry
F) smart (reveals differences between
8) Cherry
G) questions his world & place in it
9) Randy
H) should be a social
I) hatred of world
5 Types of Conflict:
Directions: FIRST: provide a general
definition for each one:
NEXT: Match the type of conflict with the
correct example:
1) Man vs. Man:
A) Ponyboy doesn’t want to be labeled a
greaser for his entire life
2) Man vs. Society:
B) Randy feels like the whole world hates
him because he is a social and has money
3) Man vs. Nature:
C) Darry and Ponyboy only communicated
through fighting (thus putting Sodapop in
the middle)
4) Man vs. Fate:
D) Ponyboy has to put the events of the
story in perspective (so he writes the book)
5) Man vs. Sef:
E) Ponyboy, Darry, and Sodapop return to
their house because it is too cold outside
and they have no jackets