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Xaviera: Hey guys! I’m Xaviera. I am pleased to have a News Sharing presentation
today. The topic is How a French city became the European capital of silk, which was
from Euronews, posted on 08th September, 2021.
Xaviera: First, let's take a look at the city of Lyon, which is an important industrial city
and the most important science and education center in France. It is a cultural and
artistic center in Europe, known for the silk trade.
Xaviera: Next, this is the local customs. A different style of France is silk, In Lyon, the
13th century building sits at the foot of a hill and feels as if history has been piled on top
of the town.
Architecturally, I really wanted to explore the labyrinth of secret
passageways in Lyon, as you can see, the center was silk, as a busy place of work, which
went through three different revolutionary periods.
Xaviera: And then there's the history part. In the Middle Ages, silk was expensive and
was used by the highest classes of society as a symbol of wealth and status. By the 16th
century, Lyon had become the silk trading capital of Europe.
Xaviera: Last but not least are the humanities. For the workers of Lyon, silk was as
much a part of daily life as coffee and croissants are today.
Xaviera: Therefore, in the Middle Ages, Lyon's silk was almost universally known. At
that time, the silk was also introduced to such powerful countries as UK and Rome.
Let’s have a look at the culture in Lyon.
This is the connection of station in Lyon to Paris, which is the largest rail hub
in France. Paris Lyon Station is located in the southeast of the city of Paris. From this
station, you can travel to most parts of southeast France, as well as the neighboring
Anyway, our reflection is: China Suzhou silk once brilliant world, its
development has been difficult. Lyon, as the western terminus of the ancient "Silk Road",
is also a road of development. Lyon became the silk capital of Europe mainly because of
its "revolution" focusing on talent cultivation, art design and technological innovation.
We also hope that the China-France Silk Road will become a new bridge for ChinaFrance exchanges and promote the spread of the Eurasian culture of peace along the
Silk Road.
Here is the screenshots and the sharing link of this news source.
Xaviera: Now let’s go through the question time.
First, Multiple Choice.
a. What is the main reason for Lyon to become the silk capital of Europe?
A. China provided silk to Lyon in the Middle Ages.
B. It is mainly the development of history and the progress of the times. Also, it
includes the efforts of generations of silk weavers.
C. The world's silk production originated in Lyon.
Anybody would like to answer?
Great, well done! The correct answer is B. It is mainly the development of history
and the progress of the times. Also, it includes the efforts of generations of silk
Good, try! The correct answer should be B. It is mainly the development of history
and the progress of the times. Also, it includes the efforts of generations of silk
Xaviera: With the Q&A, please answer my questions with complete sentences clearly.
1. After sharing, what do you think of Lyon, the second city in France? You can also talk
about it and Paris. Which city do you like best? Free answering, please.
It’s doesn’t matter. So, for me, Personally, I prefer Lyon, because France is a
culturally mixed country in Europe. Its capital, Paris, is also a magnet for travel
enthusiasts from all over the world. But Lyon's culture is more valuable than Paris's
landscape. In particular, it became the Silk State of Europe, adding to the glory of
France. I think this is more worthy of being liked and admired by the world.
This is the introduction of Different Europe. Hope you all can learn
something from the news. Have fun, thanks for your attention!