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The Mind’s Big Bang
In which continent did modern humans first evolve?
What tool did the Paleolithic people make? What was its purpose? How long did they continue
to use this tool?
Hand axe, use it for butchering animals, knock off flakes, digging, hundreds of thousands
of years.
How long ago did the first hominids split from the common ancestor with chimpanzees?
6 million years ago
How long ago did modern humans leave Africa and begin settling in other continents?
60,000 years ago
If the 100,000 year-old Israeli skull and the 40,000 year-old African skull are physically similar, how are the two species
same skull and brain, made a lot of artifacts and
art and a different appearance.
living conditions like weather and climate differ.*
added imo
Why is the discovery of beads and ornaments in the Ucazili settlement significant?
Oldest beads in the world. Always select certain
animals as the necklace. say something about
them using durable objects. Evidence of creative
and cultural beginnings.
How did ancient humans produce beads differently than we do now?
They use a large sharp rock tool to grinding a hole instead of using a drill
What social meaning did the beads and clothing produced by Cro-Magnon (early modern) humans have?
Social Identities
Cro-Magnon Humans and Neanderthals
Compare and contrast the two hominids; Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals.
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Cro-Magnon Humans
Physical Appearance
Spear Design
Teaching and Learning
Art and Communication
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10. How did the early humans create cave paintings?
spit painting
11. What other artistic expression may have been created in the caves?
12. Do you think the human brain the result of a single mutation, or a combination of many mutations?
Took many mutations of many mutations in a span
of 10,000 years
13. Compare the correction of bad behavior in humans and chimpanzees.
chimps need phys. force to control their behavior
humans they can conference their bad behavior to
fix it.
14. What is the “theory-of-mind” ability that is absent in three year-old children, but mastered in five year-olds? Do
chimpanzees have this ability?
The ability to look in someone else perspective.
Chimps don't have the ability.
15. When does the “window for language” begin to close? What happened to deaf people in Nicaragua that were not exposed to
language during this time?
closes at age seven, missed the ability to
explaining their identity and age, hard to
16. When a group of deaf children without language were brought together, what happened?
They have mime gestures, they didn't learn the
language they were supposed to learn. They
created their own language.
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17. What is the single biggest use of verbal language (two-thirds) in human species?
18. What other ways might language have been useful and an advantage to the early humans?
exchanging the technical know-how, negotiations
like trade
19. If genes are the building block of biological evolution, what kind of evolution might memes build?
copied by our brains and behavior, helps sjape
our brains. Modified the world, provides new ways
to survive.
20. Has cultural evolution ended biological evolution? Would you consider this to be unhealthy or negative for our species?
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