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Tobias is a young elementary schoolboy who has a bedridden depressed mother he must take
care of on his own since his father is dead. His best friend is Sep, who always shares his lunch with
him, and both are in class 6B. 6B is a rowdy class, their pregnant teacher Ms. Sanne was on a maternity
leave a day early because she got so upset that the children did not listen to her. In the school head’s
office, Tobias was reprimanded by Ms. Dreus for always being late and getting bad grades, and his
friend Sep was lectured for acting cheeky in class. Both were then punished to write an essay about
medieval armor. In truth Tobias finds school a drag because he always gets punished, but that all
changed when Mister Kees, a young and shy, trainee teacher was assigned to them. He was very
awkward at first but started to be more confident in teaching the students, who now calls him Mees
Kees. He seems to want to do fun and eccentric things in the classroom, with the intention of teaching
playfully. Although, Kees and the students pretend to do boring classwork whenever Ms. Dreus comes
for inspections. Kees always shares his omelet sandwich with Tobias, would let him walk his dog,
Harley, to the park, and “tutor” him at math at the arcade. He did this to give Tobias a distraction from
his problems at home and because both share the fate of having lost their father early. Slowly Kees
becomes more and more friendly with the class.
On a school trip, 6B goes to the wheat museum, but they found it very boring. They quickly leave
and spend the remaining time at the nearby amusement park, where Kees tries to be a wingman to
Tobias and his crush Hasna, his female classmate. Tobias forgot his permission slip from his mother,
after which Kees signed this. The strict Ms. Dreus reprimands Kees for this and says that he must be
a teacher, not a friend of the children, if he doesn’t, he won’t become a teacher. Kees takes this to heart
and suddenly becomes stricter with the children, which they find very unfortunate. He also no longer
deals with Tobias outside of classes and he must now also bring his own food to school. Tobias is sad
and Kees feels guilty on being harsh with his students, he tries to explain his part to Tobias, but the boy
avoided him. During class, Kees tries to make it up for his students and make the lesson fun again, but
the education inspector, Mr. Van Essen, unexpectedly comes along. This made everyone worried. But
instead of doing the boring old class lesson, Kees did the opposite. He let the students answer the
multiplication table like a fun racing game. Dreus comes to check and is horrified, but the inspector was
amazed and found his teaching method fun and educational. He told Kees that he can stay and teach
6B, much to happiness of the children. Although, strict principal Ms. Dreus thinks it’s completely wrong.
Tobias runs home to give his mother a gift and is pleasantly surprised to see her out of bed. The
movie ends with the children covering Mees Kees’ eyes and leads him outside, where he is then
surprised to see his crush Marie-Louise Mulder come running by with her huge dog. The two crash to
one another and the children and the dog run around in circles around the two to tangle them together
like the scene with George and Anita from 101 dalmatians.