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Gr: 10 A
Online teaching or Traditional teaching
1 / 22 / 2022
Article Written By: Malak AbdulSatar
What do you prefer learning at school
or online? Answers to this question
may vary, some people may like the
idea of isolation and the comfort of
their own house, and others may
prefer socializing with people and
interacting with their teachers.
The advantages of online schooling
are endless, but which one is better, is
set to your own preferences. You can
be anywhere in the world and still be
able to attend a class in another
country with a press of a button. You
can attend university at home, in a
blanket and comfortable pajama; isn’t
that the meaning of heaven, but
nothing lasts forever. The hardest
thing in an online class is
concentrating, because some students
especially young kids can lose
concentration easily. The main
problem for most of the people is lack
of good internet connection. Cheating
couldn’t be easier, lazy students can
get the grades of their dreams which is
unfair for the people who truly studied
and worked hard.
A great way to learn how to interact
with a superior is by being a student in
an actual classroom environment. By
interacting with your teacher, this
prepares a student how to effectively
talk, respond and work for a superior.
Studying in school assuring educated
facilities and lesson qualities is the
same for all students. They can totally
concentrate on their lesson during the
time at school without being disturbed
by families and environmental effects.
Besides that, there is no cheating
occurring during the exams at school
because students are supervised
carefully by the teacher. In contrast,
studying from home makes students
feel more comfortable but
simultaneously not under the teacher’s
control. So therefore, students can
play video games while studying
online and only respond to the
question when called. Especially, the
teachers find it hard to believe the
students, leading to an unfair situation
about the marks.
In a brief conclusion, evaluation of
educational value levels in online
and traditional education shows that
traditional education is highly
valuable compared to online
education. It appears blatantly true
that online education does not
produce highly competent students.