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Toxicology Study Guide
1. The earliest use of poison was the execution of
2. Compare and contrast poison, toxin, and venom.
3. Toxins that destroy red blood cells are __________________________.
4. Toxins that affect the nervous system are
5. List five things that are considered in addition to dosage when determining
6. The amount of a substance that would kill 50 % of the test population within
four hours is known as the _________________.
7. Toxicology procedures that are quick tests to narrow down possibilities are
known as ________________________ tests.
8. Toxicology procedures that determine the exact identify of toxins and are
more specific in scope are __________________________ tests.
9. List three types of confirmation tests.
10. What are five testing samples that can be used for toxicology tests?
11. What is the cheapest and easiest sample to obtain toxicology tests?
12. Hair samples can detect __________________________________ of
13. ____________________________________ samples can only be used
post-mortem, but resists putrefaction and can detect usage after
14. Drugs that have a high potential for abuse and provide NO medical value are
classified as ___________________________________.
15. Drugs with a high potential for abuse, but do have some medical value are
classified as ________________________________.
16. Drugs that enhance the function or activity of the brain, causing alertness
and motivation are _________________________________.
17. Drugs that relieve anxiety and muscle spasms while causing sedation and
confusion are ______________________________.
18. Drugs that cause changes in perception, thought, emotion, and consciousness
are _______________________________.
19. Drugs that provide analgesia, but cause slowed physical activity and
drowsiness are _______________________________.
20. Once alcohol is absorbed by the stomach and intestines, it is oxidized in the
21. The amount of alcohol per volume of blood is known as
22. Legal intoxication in the US is considered a blood alcohol content of
________ or above.
23. What factors affect alcohol absorption?
24. What are the two methods of measuring blood alcohol content?