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Subject: Alert system.
Dear Madames/ Sirs .
As is well known, certain behavioral changes in
animals (especially farm animals such as chickens,
cows, etc.) may herald a strong earthquake and an
impending disaster.
I heard about an interesting venture, in which a
businessman joins clients who raise at home, or in
an animal farm. Customers report the behavior of
the animal in their possession — and all reports
from company customers are transferred to a
central computer (and customers receive
payment for this). The idea is that by weighing all
the data on the animal behavior of the company's
customers it will be possible to get information
about an approaching earthquake - and in this
way it will be possible to warn the populations
living in the disaster area so they can evacuate and of course save lives.
I will note that despite many efforts I could not
find additional information such as: who is the
businessman in question, what is the company
name, what amounts can be obtained for the same
report on the customer's animal behavior, are
there types of animals not included in the venture
and so on.
Do you have any information about that?
assaf benyamini,
115 Costa Rica Street,
Entrance A-Apartment 4,
Kiryat Menachem,
ISRAEL, Zip code: 9662592.
My phone numbers: at home-972-2-6427757.
Mobile-972-58-6784040. Fax-972-77-2700076.
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